There is no person who isn’t familiar with such a great feeling as love. Most students like writing love essays as there is no need to conduct much research and analysis. In fact, according to writers from a top essay writing help service, this kind of essay is least ordered, as students prefer to work on it themselves. It is understandable as you can just share your personal life experience, tell the reader what love is for you individually. Love is one of the most interesting topics as each person feels in a particular way. Each love story is unique. Most students think that it is one of the easiest topics to discuss. On the one hand, it doesn’t require too much research if you don’t plunge into philosophy and psychology. On the other hand, it isn’t as easy as ABC to choose an interesting topic that would attract the reader’s attention. Love is a complicated feeling and it has many different forms.

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Love Essay Ideas that Will Attract Your Reader’s Attention

What approach should you use when choosing an essay topic? The choice of the love essay topic can be very challenging as there are so many issues to talk about. You need to pick a fresh topic that doesn’t sound banal if you want to get a high score for it. Discussing love topics you will get valuable experience. The thoughts on love relationships can help you to make it clear how you treat love affairs and how you are going to build your own relationships in the future. Here are the topics that can be discussed by college and university students. Check the list below and you will definitely find the one you will have a wish to share your opinion on.

  1. Can young girls and boys experience real strong love or it is just a passion?
  2. Is there the best age for creating a family?
  3. What is the situation with LGBT in high educational establishments? How students treat their peers whose vision of love differs from their own one.
  4. Advantages and/or disadvantages of early romantic relationships between college students.
  5. Do love relationships prevent students from studying or vice versa help to succeed in learning?
  6. How should parents express their love for adult children who have moved to another country or city?
  7. Your attitude to relationships between tutors and students. Do you know examples of successful relationships between teachers and students?
  8. The most famous masterpieces of art devoted to love. Choose the one or several pieces of art that have impressed you most. Find out whether there is a real love story behind them.
  9. Do any man and woman deserve to be loved?
  10. Love and racism. Express your attitude to love between people of different nationalities.
  11. Is love a saint feeling that makes people happy or it is the feeling that one should avoid not suffering from pain?
  12. Are any advantages/disadvantages of one-night relationships at college?
  13. Can doctors start relationships with their patients or it isn’t a good practice?
  14. Tell about the famous couples whose love was forbidden but they struggled for it and were together until the last breath.
  15. Cheating: Why does it happen in couples? What do people lack in the relationship?
  16. Effective tips for couples on how to build strong relationships for the whole life.
  17. Can animals experience love feelings?
  18. The negative effects of love on the mental health of people.
  19. How can you avoid stress after the break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  20. What is the perfect love story for you? Give an example from a famous movie.
  21. Do you agree that happy love can strengthen human’s immunity and protect yourself from diseases?
  22. One person always loves more than another one in the couple. Do you agree with such an opinion?
  23. Share your first love experience. Would you like to have one love the whole life?
  24. Age and love. Can people fall in love at 70?
  25. Why do girls have an image of a good boy in their minds but fall in love with bad boys?

Extra Tips on Choosing a Love Essay Topic

Choose one of the topics above and you will create an interesting paper that will be both eye-catching and useful for the reader. Remember that love is one of the most controversial topics. The score you will get for the essay topic will depend on how you’ll reveal it. You should be careful when expressing your opinion on love topics as they shouldn’t contain only emotions but also some facts and arguments. First, you need to make sure that you have complete thoughts and ideas on the topic. Present your personal attitude to love relationships only if you have had love experience and want to share it with the reader. If not, then, ask academic writers to help you write about love that would contain deep thoughts about love.