Sustainability continues to become increasingly important as we experience the effects of climate change. When it comes to growing cannabis, there is no denying how energy intensive it can be. That said, there are numerous ways you can increase efficiency and avoid wasting resources.

Growing Cannabis Sustainably

The benefits of sustainable growing will show up both in your energy bill and plant yield. It will help you save money while optimizing your production. Plus, you’ll be doing what you can for the environment to help it stay strong for future generations. Explore our essential tips for making your cannabis growing more sustainable.

1. Grow Outside, If You Can

If you can, growing cannabis outside is far less energy-intensive. This is because we can rely on the sun, instead of using grow lights. By growing cannabis plants outdoors, you can take advantage of all the free sunlight happening every day. For those who can’t grow outside, here are some essential tips to help you grow cannabis more sustainably.

2. Buy High-Quality Lights

Cannabis plants require plenty of light to grow. This production of light is the most energy-intensive part of the entire process. One way to ensure you get the best efficiency possible is by buying high-quality lights. You can adjust the settings to provide enough light for your plants without going overboard. Minor adjustments can lead to significant energy-cost savings at the end of the month.

Moreover, when buying lights, certain technologies are more efficient than others. Many growers support using LED lights to produce fantastic plants. LED lights use less energy than other technologies while still ensuring your plants grow big and tall.

3. Plant Density

Another way to make your growing more sustainable is by using the correct plant density setup. Bigger is not always better, as you need to consider how many grow cycles you want to happen each year. It can be more efficient to grow smaller plants quickly to increase turnover. Using your space effectively will reduce waste and maximize your annual yields.

4. Consistency

Consistency is vital for growing amazing cannabis plants. Not only does it enhance yield and optimize growing times, but it also helps make your growing more sustainable. Using no more energy than is needed, you avoid the daily waste that can pile up over time. Every factor involved in your growing process should be optimized for consistency. This includes the seeds you buy, the lights you use, and all other grow-room parameters.

5. Pick the Right Seeds

The yield you get from growing cannabis ultimately depends on genetics and the growing environment. Picking the right seeds helps to ensure you grow fantastic buds that you’ll enjoy. It is essential to consider the growing times for different seeds if you are growing more than one strain at a time. Harvesting your plants at other points in time will lead to wasted and inefficient use of growing space.

For example, you can see that our seeds require a growing time of 9-10 weeks. The consistency between strains allows you to mix and match without worrying about wasted grow room space. Chem Stallion, Twisted Grape, and SKUNK VA are hybrid strains that will all be ready to harvest after 9-10 weeks. While the THC potency and genetics may vary, the consistent growing time makes planning out your harvest schedule as easy as it gets.

6. Avoid Excessive Fertilization

When growing cannabis plants in pots, some level of fertilization is needed. That said, plants react to these nutrients just like humans do with vitamins. Getting the correct amount consistently is essential, but any excess is simply discarded. When we consume extra vitamins, they are excreted in our urine and not stored. Cannabis plants need enough fertilizer, but beyond that, there are no benefits. So, to help make your growing more sustainable, use properly sourced fertilizers and use no more than your plants need.

7. Water and Waste Management

Just like with fertilizers, using excessive water provides no benefits. Through proper fine-tuning, you can determine the precise water needs for your plants. Once you get the levels sorted, consistency is once again key. Regarding plant waste, everything should be handled and disposed of properly. Depending on where you live, the process may be as simple as filling a green bin or heading to a green disposal site.

8. Proper Ventilation

Cannabis growing lights produce more than just light. They also produce excess heat. Growers often use fans and ventilation to control temperatures and avoid harmful levels. This infrastructure can be efficient, or it can be wasteful. Do your research when buying supplies to create a grow room that efficiently manages grow room temperatures.

9. Humidity Controls

The same goes for controlling the grow room humidity. Buying efficient technology will help get the job done while avoiding excessive energy usage. Always consider your grow room characteristics when planning how to manage humidity. Getting it right is important, but doing it efficiently makes your growing more sustainable.


In conclusion, following these simple tips can help you optimize sustainability and efficiency. Carefully consider your grow setup, and explore what solutions best work for your needs. Buy the right lights, ventilation, and fertilizers to grow fantastic plants by doing your research. Creating consistency through your selection of seeds, grow schedule, light intensity, and other parameters will enhance your sustainability and plant yield.