QuickBooks software has drastically enhanced the accounting industry. With robust functionalities, it has dominated the accounting processes for decades and allowed more productivity and efficiency for CPAs.

But now CPAs and accountants require modern solutions to face the latest difficulties of remote working as QuickBooks on a conventional system has restrictions like no remote access, old data security, and more. By hosting the software on the cloud with the help of reliable QuickBooks Pro Hosting Providers, you can significantly boost its abilities. It gets remote availability, allows better security, has a reliable data recovery plan, and is more cost-efficient.

Here are 3 reasons why QuickBooks hosting is an ideal choice for CPAs:

1. Improvised Accessibility

Before, CPA firms operated only for their workplace. But now, after the pandemic hit, there is a gradual transformation from a traditional approach to a modern scope. Now, CPA firms work in a more adaptable workplace, have increased accessibility, and keep round-the-clock availability with the help of QuickBooks hosting services.

Hosted QB can be instantly accessed through the internet, it enables you to access your data from any place and at any time from the device you want. It has also allowed CPAs to transform the traditional restrictions and experience the latest revolutionized workspace. They can efficiently work from anywhere, manage their customers even if they are away from the office, or handle unexpected emergencies while on vacation. QuickBooks can also be hosted on the cloud with competitive Desktop as a Service Pricing.

2. Reliable Data Security

Now, cyber-attacks have become frequently prevalent. It has cultivated critical global cyber security problems with financial businesses needing more security for their confidential data, essentially accounting firms. Just like the approach of accounting applications transformed their working system, another innovative technology has created robust security measures for QuickBooks.

QB hosted on the cloud has enabled CPAs to increase their security structure notable and be fully prepared against various cyber threats. Hosting service providers support several compliance adherences like ISO, PCI-DSS, etc. They control the cloud system as per these guidelines, which make sure that the quality of security is maintained. Additional measures like controlled administrative access, advanced IDPS system, antivirus security, and an IT staff for continuous surveillance further increase security.

3. Financially Feasible

While carrying out technological measures to make things cost-effective for your business, it is also essential to keep updating it to sustain its cost-efficiency. The traditional QuickBooks desktops are not as financially feasible as they used to be before. You need to compulsorily spend in installing your IT structure and hiring experts for its administration. Additionally, as there is no remote access, you need to maintain a workplace as well.

Migrating to the cloud enables CPAs to increase the level of their business’s cost-efficiency. Using cloud services has its share of cost-effective measures. All the IT services are taken care of by the service provider. As data has remote access, you can initiate a work-from-home culture within your company and decrease your office-related expense.

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