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If you are looking for where you can feel comfortable and be yourself in the online world, Eleven Magazine is the right place to be. Amazing photos, unique content, we give you exactly what you want in a lifestyle blog. We understand the value of every moment in our lives, and we want our audience to enjoy such moments while being original.

Life is moving very fast, and sometimes, you might find yourself having to play catch-up. Eleven Magazine ensures that you get the latest about everything going on in your life. You will learn more about your favourite personalities and their road to success. More so, you will relish a wide range of emotions like never before. Get ready for a sensational experience. Find out more.

Who Are We?

Eleven Magazine is a lifestyle blog owned by one of the most creative minds in the world. Recently founded by our 35-year-old owner, Eleven Magazine has truly been inspirational. She enjoys jigsaw puzzles and running.

She is also smart and energetic, and on the worst days, could be ‘boring.’ Having lived the better part of three decades travelling, writing, going on an adventure, adopting a healthy lifestyle, Eleven Magazine’s founder has the experienced need to help you explore your world.

What Do We Do?

You will find the most interesting topics, stories, pictures, and posts on culture, entertainment, health and fitness, love, money, living, and style. We upload blog posts every day to entertain our readers to their utmost satisfaction. Join our community.

Mission Statement

To provide top-quality, relevant blog content on lifestyle for our audience.

Our Vision

To help people to be themselves and help them unlock their potentials.

Core Values

  • Innovation: We look for the most creative ways to relate to our audience.
  • Passion: The entire Eleven Magazine is home to some of the most passionate people.
  • Excellence: We have high standards in terms of blog quality and communication.
  • Result-driven: We remain hungry to learn, and we strive to be the best in our world.

What Makes Us Stand Out Among Competitors?

  • Unique: We are a lifestyle blog with a difference. Unlike other regular blogs that feature stale or irrelevant content, we stay true to our audience by delivering only top-quality lifestyle content.
  • Commitment: Since being founded, we have remained consistent with blog uploads, entertainment, and engaging our audience. At Eleven Magazine, we are committed to our community. Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • Passion: Lifestyle blogging reflects our desire for the finest things in life. At Eleven Magazine, we are keen on sharing our passion with our community and inspire everyone to be the best version of themselves.
  • Trust: We are nothing without our audience. Thus, we have taken extra measures to develop trust and foster a healthy relationship with everyone who comes in contact with our platform.

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