A Girlfriend Experience with a High-Class Escort – What You Actually Get?

Generally speaking, the difference between an escort and one offering the girlfriend experience is kissing. But that is just a shallow explanation. It is much deeper than that. Prostitutes do not usually kiss clients because …


Generally speaking, the difference between an escort and one offering the girlfriend experience is kissing. But that is just a shallow explanation. It is much deeper than that. Prostitutes do not usually kiss clients because the act is closely related to an emotional relationship.

Beyond kissing, other things are part of the girlfriend experience with high class escorts. For example, you might want to do some cuddling afterward, go to the cinema, go to dinner, and things like that.

Like in any other business transaction, the most important thing is to communicate and negotiate the services you want from an escort girl.

What is it?

The best definition for the GFE is a mutual pleasure for you and your high class escort. It creates a truly intimate connection between you and the girl you have booked.

In any relationship, be it with a prostitute or a girlfriend, both of you must enjoy the date intensely. The emotional bond is just as important as the intimate bond for many people. And that is why the girlfriend experience has become a popular option.

Many escorts in London offer this type of experience. GFE is popular to the point there are a whole set of terms related to it.

For example, prostitutes and sex workers are called “providers”. Clients who want the experience are called “hobbyists”.

When a client wants to get a special experience, he will book “a nice girl”. And when it comes to paying, instead of paying afterward, clients put the cash in an envelope and hand it in beforehand. In this case, payment is “a donation”.

What do you get?

The Girlfriend Experience was a television series that premiered in 2016. In 2009, there was a movie of the same name. These television projects have helped popularize the term and put it into the limelight. Now, what exactly it is?

The Girlfriend Experience is sex and intimacy with all the warmth, enthusiasm, passion, and everything in between that is not there in a casual sex encounter. You can enjoy and appreciate all the best parts of a relationship without being in a committed relationship.

But remember, this is a professional interaction first, and then an experience second. Do not mistake it for a relationship you can keep long-term. Here are some things you get with the girlfriend experience.

Enthusiastic companionship

Many clients do not look for sex only in a business transaction, they want companionship as well. VIP escorts provide that as well as sexual pleasure.

You can spend time with a special girl, be it an afternoon, a full day, a dinner, or a weekend. During that period, your gorgeous escort will help you explore things you are passionate about. People do not want to travel alone, and elite escorts can provide that lady you miss.

Genuine connection

The human connection is an essential part of a romantic relationship. It is also a vital part of the girlfriend experience. Yes, you get a human company that is part of a paid service. But in this case, the interactions between you and your outcall escort are as real as possible.

The girl you book will take the time and be willing to invest time to form a deep and meaningful relationship with you. Sex and romance are then more intense after spending time together.


If you want genuine intimacy, high class escorts can provide that as well. Many men complain about missing genuine intimacy in their life. It is not sex that they are missing. They are missing intimacy. VIP escorts will be there to provide that.

Imagine having someone who is your lover and your best friend. That is the GFE experience.

Amazing lovemaking skills

If you want amazing lovemaking skills, you can be sure elite escorts will provide that. These ladies are experts in the art of lovemaking. They enjoy sharing their craft, for a fair price, of course.

If you allow high class escort to guide you through different positions, sensations, and experiences, you can be sure to get a delight for all of your senses.

That begins with soft kisses to whispered quiet moans of pleasure and everything in between.

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How to Book One?

Now let’s talk about how you can find the perfect lady for you in London. The best way for booking escorts in London is through an escort agency.

There are many agencies that work in the United Kingdom since prostitution is legal. It is now a business that brings around $6 billion in revenue to the UK economy.

And when you book through a London escort agency, you can be sure you are getting a qualified lady that will fulfill your dreams and fantasies.

What to look for?

Whenever you contact an escort service, you have to be precise about what you want and what you are looking for. That applies to the girlfriend experience as well. There are a few things you need to specify. When you pay for GFE, you will probably get all of them, but it is worth mentioning it.

  • A nice conversation
  • Equal intelligence
  • A woman that will be willing to get to know you
  • Flirting with each other
  • Building up the tension to get into the right place
  • A woman specialized in offering an ultimate and exclusive experience
  • Warm and personal touch

And then you can ask for some specifics, like an erotic massage, for example. Everything is extra, but if you want it, you can get it.

Who is it for?

The big aspect of the girlfriend experience is the girl’s attitude toward you. Most female escorts are happy to go to dinner with you and sleep with you. But a woman you have booked for the GFE will make you feel like she is having fun with you.

Two types of people are perfectly suited for the girlfriend experience.

The first one is virgins, or men losing their virginity. You will express and enjoy yourself in a pressure-free environment. Start with a date, enjoy a human connection, and then fall into the arms of a person who understands you.

Adult virginity is quite stigmatizing. It can cause anxiety, nervousness, and everything in between. Those are pressures that might make you feel insecure in the bedroom. This type of experience will give you the confidence you need to perform well.

The second group is people getting back into the saddle. If you have been out of a relationship for a while, your confidence might also be down.

That can be easily resolved with an escort service. And if you have been through a difficult divorce or painful breakup, even better.

Why London is becoming the Escorts hub?

In the past several years, London is becoming one of the hubs for high class escorts. Why is that? Well, for starters, the capital of the United Kingdom has the people to pay for it.

London is in the top 5 cities by millionaires. According to statistics, one in 29 people in London is a millionaire. There are more than 272,000 millionaires in London. And many billionaires as well.

That has made London a destination for female escorts looking for an exclusive job. The United Kingdom has more than 73,000 sex workers, and nearly half of them are located in London.

Back in the 1990s, Earls Court SW5 was the place to find a sex worker deep into the night. Nowadays, you can find it in every part of the city, be it North London, West London, East London, Central London, or anything in between.