Are Mail-Order Brides Real Thing Today?

Nowadays, many guys go to foreign lands to meet a pretty girlfriend. In some cases, these relationships even lead to marriage, which, if you think about it, makes sense for both sides. With this arrangement, …

man in black suit kissing woman in white wedding dress

Nowadays, many guys go to foreign lands to meet a pretty girlfriend. In some cases, these relationships even lead to marriage, which, if you think about it, makes sense for both sides. With this arrangement, men get a young, hot girl, while ladies get an opportunity to relocate to a more progressive country.

Having a mail-order spouse is a match made from heaven, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it has existed for such a long time. In fact, we can track the first mail-order brides back to the 17th century and other American colonies. Old settlers who lived in distant colonies would hook up with young girls from Europe giving them a chance for a family.

In this article, we want to talk more about the concept of these foreign brides. After that, we’ll share a few dating tricks from BridesUniverse, a reputable website that will help you find your mail-order spouse.

Are Mail-Order Brides Real?

Back in the day, mail-order brides were a real thing in every sense of the world. Workers in isolated colonies would order young women through their employer company, as they didn’t have access to young girls locally. The women would come to these outposts and, after marrying one of the locals, they would receive monetary compensation from the government.

Today, the concept of mail-order brides works very differently. You no longer “order” anonymous girls through intermediaries. Instead, you go to international online dating platforms and start chatting with ladies from a specific region. If there’s a mutual attraction, you’ll slowly start creating a bond, leading to in-person dating and eventual marriage.

The most important thing about mail-order brides is that everything’s voluntary. Even back in the day, women could choose to become a part of this arrangement. If there’s an intermediary, they only act as someone who connects two sides who enter the agreement of their own volition. In other words, there was never a slave trade or trafficking involved.

Why Do Women Become Mail-Order Spouses?

A mail-order spouse is intrigued by this arrangement as it would provide her with financial security. However, there are many other incentives for becoming one of these women:

  • As mentioned, for many women, the mail-order bride concept is a way to escape poverty. They hook up with foreigners from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and other rich European countries as a way of escaping their day-to-day
  • Some girls don’t necessarily want money or luxury. However, they’re interested in creating good opportunities for their kids in a financially stable country (whether they had kids prior or they’re planning them with the new husband)
  • Girls might also want to leave their country as they fear political instability. This is especially common if a country is ruled by a dictator or if it’s engulfed in war
  • For some, mail-order bride arrangement is a good opportunity to meet physically endowed guys. Depending on the girl’s country of origin, males from the US and Europe might seem like real eye candies. The trend of hooking up with Western men is especially noticeable among East and Southeast Asian women who want to be with taller guys
  • We also need to mention character traits. Mail-order brides might not like the local mentality, which is why they turn toward the West for guys who have better manners or are more gentleman-like

Although money always remains one of the top incentives, it doesn’t have to be the dominant factor. Simply put, women might prefer foreign-born males because of their better genetics. You also have to consider there might be prejudice toward local guys, or the girls might’ve had one negative experience too many and want to try some other nationality.

Finding Mail-Order Brides

When we talk about mail-order brides, we primarily refer to women who we meet through international dating sites. For example, there are specialized platforms for meeting Slavic, Asian, and Latina women, where you can find ladies from these specific regions. However, many guys also meet their future brides in person by visiting these countries.

If you’re serious about marrying a foreign-born lady, we suggest you start your quest with one of these sites. They work similarly to local dating sites, giving you access to numerous profiles from a specific country. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to waste time traveling to a new part of the world.

Then again, meeting girls face-to-face also has its perks. First, you can be certain that the woman isn’t catfishing you (which can be a problem if you need to travel across the world to meet her). Direct contact also helps you determine if there’s chemistry between the two of you.

The Dangers of Mail-Order Spouses

Unfortunately, the process of dating mail-order spouses can be rather tricky. Besides numerous cultural differences, you also need to consider the risks of visiting underdeveloped countries. Anyway, here’s the list of things you should be careful of when doing international online dating:

  • The first issue you’ll encounter has to do with dating sites. Although there are numerous reputable platforms you can use, there are also a handful of shady ones. You should specifically be careful of high messaging costs and having to deal with robots
  • Like with any type of dating, there’s always a problem with catfishing or, at least, misrepresentation of data. For example, a girl might not disclose she has kids, or she might have certain physical issues that you couldn’t see in the photos
  • Depending on the country you’re visiting, you might get into all sorts of problems. For example, you might bump into pickpockets and scammers, or you might get taken advantage of in some other way. In the end, there’s a reason why these girls want to leave their home country
  • The fact that a girl is willing to marry you doesn’t mean she wants to stay with you for a long time. She might be hustling you for a visa or money

Although there are many challenges you need to tackle, most people will have a smooth dating experience. So, while it’s ok to be skeptical, you shouldn’t be a fatalist.