A comfortable living room or lounge has become particularly important to us all in recent times.  A place where we can just switch off and relax.  So, when you’re creating your perfect living room, it’s important not to overlook creature comforts and homely décor.

Here are some tips to help you create your ideal living room.

Make it warm and cosy

A warm and cosy living room is the ideal for many of us.  Especially after coming inside from the cold or when we’re retreating from the dark of the evenings.

There are lots of tricks to making a lounge feel cosier and more inviting.  A roaring fire or the glow from a woodburning stove has become the ultimate aspiration for many home renovators, but even a fireplace adorned with candles or fairy lights can have a warming effect on a room.  If you’re a fan of modern conveniences, then underfloor heating is an excellent alternative.

However, fireplace installation and underfloor heating costs can be quite significant.  So, what other ways are there of creating that cosy feeling in your lounge?

Changing the wall colour to something with a warm tone, such as a terracotta, crimson, purple or beige, can create that sunny or snug feeling.

Adding soft furnishings and different textures to the room is another affordable way to create a warm and cosy room.  Think about natural fabrics, such as linen curtains, sisal rugs, cotton cushions and wool throws.

Creating a relaxing retreat

If you’re hoping to create a relaxing retreat in your lounge, you need to think about seating and lighting as well as layout.

Why is layout so important?  To help you relax, it’s no good having to keep getting up to reach things that should be to hand, or to be tripping over furniture when you move around the room.  Think about where things will work best to make your life easier!  For example, how about a handy side table for your cup of tea or book, so you don’t have to get up from the sofa.

Lighting can make or break the atmosphere in your living room.  One dazzlingly bright light in the centre of the ceiling is handy when you need to see what you’re doing, but less so when you’re trying to relax and switch off.  Side or table lamps, fairy lights and candles all have the ability to create a gentler glow.

And lastly, a comfortable sofa where you’re not fighting for space, is essential.  If you don’t like sharing seats, think about a comfortable armchair for yourself instead.