Stanley Fimberg: A Look at the Life of Dyan Cannon’s Ex-husband

Stanley Fimberg is a name that holds a notable place within the landscape of entertainment, a seasoned producer with a career that stretches across decades. Born on May 15, 1934, in Brooklyn, New York, Fimberg’s …

stanley fimberg
Real Name:Stanley Robert Fimberg
Birthday:May 15, 1934
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:American Producer, Real Estate Agent, Ex-husband of Dyan Cannon

Stanley Fimberg is a name that holds a notable place within the landscape of entertainment, a seasoned producer with a career that stretches across decades.

Born on May 15, 1934, in Brooklyn, New York, Fimberg’s journey in film is marked by his production credits in films such as “Weekend Warriors” (1986) and “The End of Innocence” (1990).

These demonstrate his knack for storytelling and contribution to the industry. While personal details about his current endeavors are scarce, his past works continue to speak for his experience in and contribution to the cinematic world.

Outside of his professional sphere, Fimberg’s personal life has been as eclectic and engaging as his film projects.

Marriages to notable figures such as Dyan Cannon, alongside a series of relationships with women like Susan Kelly, Michelle Furstman, and Anita Kleinman, paint a picture of Fimberg’s intertwined personal and professional worlds.

This intricate web of relationships and his evidently rich private life add layers of depth to the understanding of Fimberg as an individual beyond the reel.

Key Takeaways

  • Stanley Fimberg is an established film producer with significant works from the 1980s and 1990s.
  • He has been married multiple times, including to actress Dyan Cannon.
  • Fimberg’s contributions have left a lasting impression on the entertainment industry.

The Life of Stanley Fimberg

Stanley Fimberg, a Brooklyn native, emerged into the world on May 15, 1934. He made his mark as a real estate investor and stepped into the spotlight as a film producer, with credits in notable works like Weekend Warriors (1986) and The End of Innocence (1990).

In a city that never sleeps, New York, Stanley began his journey that would lead him to a life of diverse ventures and experiences.

As a producer, his contributions to the film industry added a distinctive touch to the cinematic world. His works speak for themselves, establishing his reputation in the industry.

Fimberg’s life is also intertwined with the real estate scene through his involvement with FSC Realty, a company known for its impactful presence in the sector.

In the realm of personal life, love did not come without its lessons.

Fimberg’s heart once beat in unison with that of actress Dyan Cannon. They united in harmony in 1985 but parted ways in 1995.

While the marriage did not bear children, it remains a chapter in his book of life.


  • Esther Baird (current)
  • Dyan Cannon (ex-wife)
  • Susan Kelly (ex-wife)
  • Michelle Furstman (ex-wife)
  • Anita Kleinman (ex-wife)

Stanley’s privacy is something he prizes, and as of the last reports, he lived his life away from the public eye, celebrating his 89th year.

Despite the lack of current details, one can imagine him cherishing moments with family and loved ones, perhaps reflecting on a life well-lived, marked by ambition, creativity, and personal narratives that weave into the vibrant tapestry of his journey.

Career Achievements and Influences

Stanley Fimberg’s journey in Hollywood is marked with notable productions and strategic business decisions that transcended the silver screen. Here’s a closer look at how he established his foothold in the entertainment world and stretched his influence into other business realms.

Establishing a Presence in Hollywood

Fimberg made his mark as a film producer, with the movie Weekend Warriors (1986) standing out among his credits.

His knack for storytelling and commitment to his craft contributed to his reputation in an industry where longevity can be elusive.

While not explicitly stated in the search results, his work would often intersect with individuals whose own legacies were cemented on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is a testament to the circles in which he moved and the caliber of his collaborations.

Business Ventures Beyond Film

His business acumen wasn’t limited to entertainment.

Branching out, Fimberg engaged in business ventures that showcased his versatility.

Among these was a foray into entertainment law, which could involve aspects like representing talent or dealing with intellectual property issues.

His knowledge of international tax law likely informed his decisions and strategies, navigating the complexities of finance in the often intertwined worlds of film and business.

It’s these savvy moves that rounded out Fimberg’s professional persona, painting him as more than just a talented producer, but a shrewd businessman as well.

Personal Relationships and Family Dynamics

Stanley Fimberg’s life, notably his personal relationships and family dynamics, has its fair share of public attention and intrigue. His marriages and ensuing divorces, along with his associations with notable personalities, paint a vivid picture of his experience in the realm of love and family.

Marriages and Divorces

Stanley Fimberg is known for his marriage to Dyan Cannon, a prominent actress and producer.

Their union was closely followed by the media, partly because of Cannon’s fame.

Their marriage, unfortunately, ended in divorce, a fate not uncommon in the life of high-profile individuals.

The impact of marriage and divorce in Fimberg’s life extended beyond the couple, affecting family dynamics more broadly, such as his relationship with his stepdaughter, Jennifer Grant.

Grant is an American actress and the daughter of Cannon, thereby linking Fimberg to another figure in the entertainment industry through family ties.

Associations with Celebrities

Fimberg’s personal life has been dotted with associations with celebrities which have drawn public interest.

These connections have often shaped his social circle and, by extension, the public’s perception of his family life.

His stepdaughter Jennifer, being an actress herself, represents the blend of personal family relationships and Hollywood’s glare.

The portrayal of family relationships, with the involvements of actors and actresses, can underline the complex dynamics that arise from such high-profile associations.

Stanley Fimberg and the Entertainment Industry

Stanley Fimberg might not be a household name to fans of blockbuster hits, but in Tinseltown’s bustling backdrop, he’s certainly made his mark.

He started to get noticed for his work as a film producer, with credits including “Weekend Warriors” and “The End of Innocence”. These films, though not mainstream box office behemoths, contributed to the varied tapestry of the entertainment industry.

He’s been associated with the field since the mid-80s and crossed paths with significant entertainment figures. For instance, Fimberg was married to Dyan Cannon, renowned for her own impressive career in cinema with Academy Award nominations.

Their marriage, while it lasted, fused two worlds of real estate and film.

While Fimberg hasn’t snagged an Academy Award or a Saturn Award himself, the value he’s brought to the industry isn’t quantified merely by trophies. He continues to play a different kind of role, steeped in behind-the-scenes actions and production decisions.

Fimberg’s net worth, although not publicly confirmed, reflects a successful career both in entertainment and real estate. His financial acumen and legal savvy, having started in a Los Angeles entertainment law firm, surely underpin his endeavors in the film industry.

By bridging the authoritative world of law with the creative hustle of filmmaking, Fimberg has fostered a unique space for himself. Though his contributions may fly under the radar, they are cogwheels that keep the film industry’s engine running smoothly.