Vintage Home Decor Trends That are Coming Back in Style

Creating a modern home design often means looking to the past for inspiration and reinventing them to make them feel new. There are so many vintage home decorating and design trends that homeowners are including …


Creating a modern home design often means looking to the past for inspiration and reinventing them to make them feel new. There are so many vintage home decorating and design trends that homeowners are including in their home updates. Vintage décor does not need to look old and stuffy. Instead, these design trends are given a new life and incorporated into sleek and modern homes as well as cozy, farmhouse-style homes as well.

Vinyl flooring

This is not your grandma’s vinyl. While recent years have emphasized home décor with hardwood flooring, there is still a place for modern-looking vinyl. Vinyl flooring is a great option for homes with pets, as it’s easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl flooring is also an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as the material can be easily cleaned with no need to refinish as you would with hardwood floors. Vinyl tile is also a good choice for basements that are prone to moisture or plumbing problems, like flooding during heavy rainfall.

Mid-Century Modern Designs

The simplicity and beauty of mid-century modern design feel timeless. Mid-century modern design is a style of furniture and architecture that integrates form and function. It is often associated with 1950s culture because it was during this time people began moving into urban centers and became enamored with new technologies like television sets—all of which were incorporated into their homes via sleek furniture pieces.

Floral Wallpaper and Fabrics

Floral wallpaper and fabrics are back in style. Floral patterns are feminine, and welcoming and add a nice dose of color and pattern to any room. More homeowners are adding floral accent walls and bringing back bright, fun, and modern floral drapes.

Natural Wood Furniture

Make your home warm and inviting by adding natural elements like plants and natural wood furniture. It provides a unique, cozy atmosphere that your home needs. Natural wood furniture is durable and attractive. This can be seen throughout the world in the form of old pieces of furniture that still look brand new after years of use. You can find a variety of natural wood furniture styles including rustic, traditional, and modern.

Artwork With a Message

Artwork with a message is back in style. Whether you’re looking to express yourself or make a statement, artwork can be used to decorate your home and office in ways that are meaningful and personal. Artwork adds personality and using artwork that has meaning or a message written directly on it can communicate volumes.

When it comes time for choosing art for your walls, think about what kind of mood you want people who enter your home to feel. Do you want them to feel energized? Relaxed? Inspired? Abstract art in certain colors or other custom paintings can be a great addition to your vintage-inspired home.

Acrylic Furnishings and Accessories

Acrylic furnishings are a good choice for those with kids because acrylic is easy to clean, and it can be sanitized without ruining the finish. Acrylic is also durable, so it won’t chip or scratch easily. The material is also great for use in bathrooms since it’s nonporous and doesn’t absorb moisture readily. Accessories can also be done in acrylic. Instead of worrying about decorating with breakable glass and ceramic, you can choose acrylic for many different pieces. Additionally, you can even go vintage with the way you listen to music. A good turntable with records that scratch as easily as CDs are a fun way to bring back vintage sounds as well as a vintage look.

Shaggy Rugs

Want to bring back some of that 70s vibe into your home décor? Shaggy rugs are a great way to do it. While they were popular for many years, shag rugs fell out of favor and were replaced with flat woven area rugs or even hardwood floors. Today, however, there is a renewed interest in shag rugs that are made from natural materials like wool. Shaggy rugs have an extra-long pile that gives them their characteristic softness and fluffiness. They are making a comeback and bringing warmth and comfort to living rooms and bedroom spaces.

Animal Print Rugs

Animal print rugs are roaring back into our homes, and it’s not hard to see why. These exotic patterns add a touch of wildness and a splash of color to any room, making them the perfect statement piece. They’re versatile, too; zebra or tan cowhide area rugs here can work in a modern, minimalist space just as easily as in a boho chic home. But it’s not just about looks. Animal prints have a rich history in interior design, dating back to ancient times when they were used as symbols of status and wealth. Today, they continue to command attention and create a sense of drama in any space. So whether you choose a bold black and white stripe or a more subtle cheetah print, animal rugs are worth embracing in your home decor.

Open Kitchen Shelving

While having cabinets to hide away messy kitchenware can be desirable, more and more people are using open shelving in their new kitchen designs. Open kitchen shelving is a great way to display your cookbooks and other kitchen items. When we think of open-shelf kitchens, it’s usually in the context of more modern design. But farmhouse styles also look great with modern open shelves. They also provide space to add decorative elements like vases.

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