10 Best Free Match 3 Games for PC: Match Your Way to Fun!

Are you tired of those annoying ads that keep interrupting your match 3 game, forcing you to watch some ridiculous video or navigate through sketchy sites? Don’t even get me started on Candy Crush, which …


Are you tired of those annoying ads that keep interrupting your match 3 game, forcing you to watch some ridiculous video or navigate through sketchy sites? Don’t even get me started on Candy Crush, which seems to be more of a cash grab than an actual game!

But hey, I’ve got some fantastic news for you, my friend. You can now download and play ad-free match 3 games on your PC for free! No more ads, no more pay-to-win tactics, just pure matching bliss. And where can you find this land of ad-free, money-free gaming, you ask? Look no further than GameTop!

At GameTop you can download the best free match 3 games like Fishdom and Around the World in 80 Days. And the best part? You won’t spend a single dime to enjoy them! So why bother with games that just want to drain your wallet? Download some free match 3 games from GameTop today and enjoy the thrill of guilt-free gaming. Your wallet (and your sanity) will thank you!

List of games:

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days is the ultimate match 3 game that will take you on a journey across the seven seas. Join the eccentric Phileas Fogg and his trusty sidekick Passepartout as they race against time to travel the world in 80 days.

Now, I’ve played my fair share of match 3 games, and let me tell you, this one is a cut above the rest. The game’s puzzle pieces are all themed to match the location you’re in, which adds to the immersive experience. One moment you’ll be matching palm trees and coconuts in the tropics, and the next you’ll be swapping Big Ben and double-decker buses in jolly old England.

But what really sets this game apart is the variety of challenges it offers. Each level presents a new task to complete, from collecting items to clearing obstacles and achieving a specific score within a limited number of moves. It keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting and will have you on the edge of your seat as you adapt your strategy to each new challenge.

Cradle of Rome 2

Cradle of Rome 2 will take you back in time to the birthplace of one of the greatest civilizations in history. Get ready to put your match 3 skills to the test as you construct your very own empire.

From the Coliseum to the Pantheon, you’ll build monumental structures that will make even Caesar himself proud. But don’t think it will be easy! You’ll need to earn your stripes by completing challenging puzzles and earning trophies along the way.

Cradle of Rome 2 offers a unique twist by allowing you to build your own empire while you play. It’s like having your own miniature Rome right at your fingertips! And as you progress through the levels, you’ll unlock new buildings and structures that will help you defend your empire against those who seek to bring it down.

Silver Tale

If you’re looking for a game that will test your puzzle-solving skills and your courage, then Silver Tale is the perfect adventure for you. The game starts off innocently enough – collecting rare herbs for the king sounds like a walk in the park, right? Wrong! This ain’t your grandma’s herb garden, my friends. The herbs are hidden deep in a mysterious cave filled with dangers and secrets that only the bravest of us would dare to uncover.

But fear not, for we have a weapon at our disposal that is more powerful than any sword or shield – the match 3 puzzle. Yes, that’s right, we’ll be battling our way through the cave using nothing but our puzzle-solving skills. And let me tell you, it’s a wild ride! With each level, the puzzles get tougher and the battles get more intense.

But it’s not just the puzzles that make Silver Tale an adventure worth embarking on. It’s the thrill of the unknown, the excitement of uncovering secrets that have been hidden for centuries. Who knows what we’ll find deep in the cave? Maybe treasure, maybe danger, or maybe even a dragon! (Okay, maybe not a dragon, but you get the idea.)

Rome Puzzle

This match 3 game isn’t just about matching colored gems, my friends. No, no, no! It’s about strategy and making smart decisions that will lead you to victory. You’ll start off with a humble fountain and a few buildings, but with each level, you’ll grow your city into a bustling metropolis that would make even Caesar himself proud.

But don’t think it will be easy, my fellow gamers. The fate of Rome is in your hands, and every decision you make will have consequences. Will you focus on growing your economy, or strengthening your army to protect the city from invaders? It’s up to you to strategize and make the right choices.

And let’s not forget about the puzzles! Each level presents a new challenge that will test your puzzle-solving skills to the limit. You’ll need to think ahead and plan your moves carefully if you want to achieve your goals and rule ancient Rome like a pro.


Dive deep into the oceanic world of Fishdom and get ready to be hooked on the game’s addictive match 3 gameplay. With its aquatic-themed pieces and tasks, it’s like playing a game of Candy Crush underwater. But instead of candies, we have cute little fishies and other aquatic creatures to match and admire.

What sets Fishdom apart from other match 3 games is the ability to use the coins and gems earned from completing levels to design and customize your own virtual aquarium. It’s like being the director of your own little marine world! You can choose which fish species you want to add to your aquarium, upgrade your equipment, and pick out the perfect decorations to create an underwater paradise.

But don’t be fooled, my fellow gamers. Creating a beautiful aquarium is no easy feat. You’ll need to complete various levels, each with their own set of challenges and tasks, to earn those precious coins and gems. And trust me, it’s worth it. Seeing your aquarium come to life with colorful fish, bubbling plants, and decorative items is a reward in itself.

Atlantis Quest

Embark on a journey around ancient Greece, Babylon, Carthage, Egypt, and Rome in search of the lost city of Atlantis in Atlantis Quest. Discover pieces of ancient artifacts to help you find your way to your destination in this classic-style matching game with a dazzling new twist.

The Rise Of Atlantis

Set out on an adventurous quest around the ancient lands of Greece, Troy, Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt, Carthage, and Rome in The Rise of Atlantis. Gather the seven greatest powers of the patron god of the Atlanteans, Poseidon, by assembling magic artifacts and placing them on the Altar of Poseidon to help raise the legendary continent of Atlantis.


Explore the dungeons of Cliffmont Castle in MatchVentures, a unique new match-3 adventure. Traverse huge levels and overcome obstacles as you search for valuable items to help rebuild the castle ravaged by the dark dragon master Dragor.

4 Elements 2

Misfortune has befallen the magic kingdom again in 4 Elements 2. Four fairies of the elements have been deprived of their magic power, and it’s up to you to set them free and restore the book of magic in this sequel to the renowned puzzle game.

Runefall 2

Finally, in Runefall 2, track down a bandit thief who has stolen the long-lost runes of Rivermoor. Travel across the kingdom of Silverdale, complete quests for new power-ups and upgrades, and equip yourself with a mighty force of power-ups to tear your way across the mountains of Cliffhaven. Are you ready for the adventure?

Benefits of playing match 3 games on PC

  1. Larger screen: Playing match 3 games on a PC provides a larger screen than a mobile device, making it easier to see the game elements and increasing the overall gaming experience.
  2. Comfortable controls: PC gaming allows for the use of a mouse, which can be a more comfortable and precise way to control the game than using touch controls on a mobile device.
  3. Better performance: A PC generally has more powerful hardware than a mobile device, which can result in better performance and faster load times for the game.
  4. Multi-tasking: PC gaming allows for multitasking, so you can play the game while also doing other tasks on your computer, such as browsing the internet or working on a document.
  5. Customization: Many PC match 3 games offer customization options, such as different themes, soundtracks, and game modes, allowing you to personalize your gaming experience.
  6. Social connectivity: Playing match 3 games on PC allows for easier social connectivity, as you can easily share your progress and achievements with friends through social media platforms or gaming communities.

GameTop is the ultimate destination for all match 3 lovers out there. They offer unlimited free PC games so you can download and enjoy playing as many levels as you want, without worrying about running out of lives or in-game currency. That’s right, no more pesky ads or paywalls trying to separate you from your hard-earned cash!

But that’s not all. GameTop has a wide variety of entertaining themes and exhilarating levels to keep you amused for hours on end. From building your own Roman Empire in Rome Puzzle to creating a marine paradise in Fishdom, there’s something for everyone on this platform.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a great match 3 game that won’t break the bank (or your sanity), look no further than GameTop. Get ready to enjoy unlimited free gameplay and hours of entertainment!

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