10 Essential Accessories For Vapers

Are you new to vaping and have little knowledge about the essential vaping components and how they work to offer a satisfactory user experience? You’re not alone! Many users, especially beginners, do not know the …


Are you new to vaping and have little knowledge about the essential vaping components and how they work to offer a satisfactory user experience? You’re not alone! Many users, especially beginners, do not know the right vaping accessories to purchase, and most times, this affects the result they get from their vaping sessions.

Some components or accessories are very important for all vapers. This article will highlight ten essential accessories you may consider adding to your vaping kit to get the best experience.

Are there specific things you should consider before purchasing vaping accessories? We shall also show you the top factors to consider.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Are Vaping Accessories?

Vaping accessories are vape device components that make your vaping session more enjoyable and convenient irrespective of your experience level. You can choose from a wide variety of vaping accessories available today.

While some vape devices have their accessories in a single unit, some others require you to purchase the accessories separately. However, your vape accessories are a great determinant of your overall experience.

Ten Essential Vaping Accessories

Vape Batteries

Your vape devices are battery-powered. However, some vape device batteries are designed as in-built batteries like your pod system or vape pen e-cigarette.

Vape batteries are categorized into three different types, disposable batteries, integrated batteries, and removable batteries.

Disposable vape device batteries have a limited lifespan and must be disposed of after use since they are non-rechargeable. Integrated batteries are in-built and have a specific number of recharges before disposal.

Removable batteries require replacement after they are worn out and are found in advanced vape devices. When you purchase a mods system e-cigarette, you will have to purchase a separate battery to utilize the vape device.

Vape Tank Glass

A vape tank glass is another essential vape accessory you should purchase because of its protective feature. If you accidentally drop your vape device, your vape tank may break, which may mean having to order a new vape tank.

However, with a vape tank glass, you are sure of protection for your vape tank. You may have to only replace the vape tank glass instead of purchasing a new vape tank. The vape tank glass also helps to increase your vape tank capacity and allows it to hold more vape juice.

Vape Coils

Another highly essential vape accessory is your vape coils. Your vape device utilizes vape coils. The vape coils help in providing the required heat to vaporize the e-liquids, and your e-cigarette batteries power them.

Your vape coils may require replacements after a few weeks based on the frequency of using your vape device. For refillable vape pods, the coils are integrated into the vape device. Hence you may not have to purchase separate vape coils to use the device.

Replacement Pods

Users of pod system cartridges should have pre-filled cartridges for situations where the pod gets empty. It is advisable to have additional pods available to avoid running out of e-liquids, especially when traveling.

Vape Cotton and Vape Tools

Vape Cotton and Vape Tools are also essential vape accessories you should have. These tools are vital when building your customized vape coils. If you do not fancy customized vape coils, it may be unnecessary to have one.

But they may come in handy when dealing with vape mod or kit issues. Vape cotton is also essential for coil building. It is a good e-liquid absorbing wicking material. Vape cotton is only needed for those that build their coils.

Skins and Cases

Skins and cases should be part of your list if you search for essential vape accessories to purchase. Cases provide an additional padding layer to your vape devices when they accidentally fall. You can purchase a full kit case to ensure maximum protection for your vape devices against impact. Vape device’s skins add to your e-cigarette’s beauty. They allow you to change your vape device’s appearance and physical appeal. You can select your preferred color and design of skins to meet your personalized taste.

Sub-Ohm Tank

Sub Ohm- The tank is great for producing large vapor clouds. Having a spare comes in handy if your vape device tank accidentally cracks on hitting the ground. When buying a spare sub-ohm tank, you may opt for a larger size if you need additional vape juice storage capacity.

Adapters and Charger Cables

If you own a pod system vape device, there may be a need to have charger cables available for your device. You don’t want to be in a situation where your e-cigarette sops are working when you can’t find one to buy.

Adapters are also essential because they come in handy when charging your vape device in your vehicle or home.

Drip Tips

Drip Tips are great to have as an alternative to pods, cartomizers, and cartridges. Drip tips are designed as hollow-shaped tubes that you can connect to your vape atomizer. Your drip tips directly drop e-liquids into the atomizer for a more enhanced user experience.

Battery Chargers

Your vape device battery requires charging. You can purchase external charges, which allow multiple battery charging, or a standard changer.

What To Consider When Purchasing Vape Accessories


Before purchasing vape accessories, you have to check if the accessory is compatible with your vape device. It is advisable to purchase the same accessory and vape device to prevent compatibility issues.

Check The Threading

Some vape brands have specific threadings which may not be compatible with your vape device. It is advisable to check the threading and ensure it is the same pattern as your vape device.

Brand Quality

Some vape device brands are renowned for their quality products. You may check out these top brands to purchase durable and high-quality vape accessories.

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