10 Golden Rules To Lose Weight Without Strict Diet

Many people believe that to lose weight; you have to stay hungry. But this is not the right approach. Staying hungry or doing hardcore exercises may help you lose weight, but that does not ensure …


Many people believe that to lose weight; you have to stay hungry. But this is not the right approach. Staying hungry or doing hardcore exercises may help you lose weight, but that does not ensure good health. In the process of losing weight, you should not give up on your health.

There are multiple ways through which you can lose weight. You can get rid of extra pounds with the help of a nutritionist or on your own. If your task is to lose weight – use ten simple rules. Lose 3-5 kg ​​in a month without following ABC diet plans and exhausting sports.

Golden Rules For Losing Weight

Rule 1: Focus On Yourself

Prepare yourself psychologically, tune in to losing weight, and make a firm decision. To do this, you need to set the mind on proper nutrition, give up harmful products like alcohol and caffeine. Reassure yourself that you are not going on a diet or fasting but simply changing your diet.

When designing your menu, use the 80/20 golden rule of weight loss nutrition. Healthy food makes up 80% of the diet, 20% is a favorite, although not very healthy. Prohibit ice cream, cakes, soda, rolls, alcohol, and other unhealthy foods.

Rule 2: Do Not Skip Breakfast

There is a misconception that skipping breakfast can help you lose weight. The right set of products for your morning meal will give you strength, cheer you up, and help you start the day actively. Be sure to eat in the morning, but exclude fast carbohydrates. Give preference to fiber and protein. You can eat eggs, salads, and have a glass of milk in the morning.

Rule 3: Eat Everything In Moderation

It is recommended to replace sweets with dried fruits. This does not mean that you should start eating in kilograms. Excess calories will not help you lose weight. Nutritionists suggest giving preference to fish, nuts, replacing animal fats with vegetable oil, and using avocados. Everything should be in moderation, maintain proportions and count calories.

Rule 4: Stick To Healthy Habits

It will help to lose weight and keep the weight in the habit of monitoring the diet constantly. You’ve lost your first pounds. Luck gave wings, and you began to overeat with joy. Rest assured – the weight will return. It happens that, especially in teens.

They start working out and once they lose little weight, they want to celebrate it. Such celebrations include alcohol abuse and fatty foods. This is even riskier if they had addiction problems earlier. Later, instead of worrying about losing weight, they have to look for an alcohol rehab center for treatment.

Therefore, stay away from alcohol as much as possible, especially if you have a bad history. In short, cheat days can bring back old habits. So if you drank the right amount of water for weight loss, consumed the right foods, never give up these habits, they should become a way of life.

Rule 5: Calculate Your Calories In-Take

The table with the calorie content of products should be in a prominent place. Calculate how many kcal you consume per day. Reduce this rate by 500 units, and you will lose 0.5 kg per week.

If hunger prevails, then you cannot adjust the menu; burn them through physical activity. To control, buy a fitness bracelet or install an application on your smartphone. Walk more; for a half-hour walk, it will take 100 kcal.

Rule 6: Avoid long Pauses Between Meals

The body reacts in a panic to long pauses between meals. There is a reaction to hunger: metabolic processes slow down. In such a situation, the body tries to stock up on energy and reads the deposition of fat. Nutritionists recommend following the diet, not making long pauses between meals. To lose weight, eat less, but more often, like every 3-4 hours.

Rule 7: Take Smaller Plates

You always want to fill your plate as much as possible. Many people try to arrange products beautifully, creating a still life on a plate, which is then eaten with gusto. If you take a bigger plate, psychologically, you would want to fill it.

Once it’s full, you won’t be able to control yourself from over-eating. To lose weight, use a saucer or a small plate. There will not be much food here, but it will be enough for you.

 Rule 8: Take Your Time

Eat slowly, as the satiety signal arrives in the brain 5-10 minutes after the end of the meal. The body must have spare time to become fully saturated. This is facilitated by the number of chewing movements and the absence of irritants. To lose weight, do not read at lunch, do not watch movies, and do not get distracted by gadgets.

Rule 9: Get Enough Sleep

If you do not sleep well, you will always be nervous or depressed. At this time, gastronomic breakdowns often occur. There is a high probability of overeating and the use of unhealthy foods.

Rule 10: Physical Movement

Calories get burned even when we talk, but while driving, this process occurs ten times faster. To increase the load, it is not necessary to go to the gym and do aerobics. Try to take at least 8 thousand steps (6 km) every day. Adjust your everyday life a little – try to move more:

• Do not use the elevator; go up to the floor on foot

• Get off the bus 1-2 stops earlier

• While talking on the phone, do not sit in a chair – walk

• While watching TV, do 5-10 squats

• Working at the computer, get up every 1-2 hours for a five-minute walk, etc.

Summing Up

It is unnecessary to follow a strict diet, stay hungry, fast, or do extensive exercises to lose weight. You can still lose weight and even maintain it by following the above rules. Stick to these basic rules, and you will have a good mood and great results.

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