10 Must-Have Elements For A Stellar Music Website

Have you ever wondered what makes the top music websites the real winners? Well, among many other things, their appearance and functionality are what really matter, to appeal to their audience and keep them engaged. …


Have you ever wondered what makes the top music websites the real winners?

Well, among many other things, their appearance and functionality are what really matter, to appeal to their audience and keep them engaged.

But to be a success, any musical website must contain ten essential elements.

1. Contact information

Make your contact information prominent. It should be easy for your audience to reach out to you. Whether someone comes with a query or wishes to book your services, they should have easy access to talk to you through various channels. Apart from a valid email address and phone number, it would help if you also accepted inquiries through various social media DMs. It is essential to remember that different people feel comfortable communicating in different ways, so you should open all the options.

2. Social media links

One of the best ways to reach out to a potential client base is through various social media channels. Apart from giving your website link on your social media account, you should also include all the social media account links on your website. It will help you connect with them and show what your business is doing at the given time.

3. Gigs – both past and upcoming

If you do live shows and want your audience to come and see you perform, let them know when and where you are playing through the website. You can add important information like the exact location of the venue and how they can reach there. You can also add on the website about ticket fees, program timings, and other important information related to the event.

4. A precise biography

It is a great idea to write something about yourself on your website. Do not write the usual boring stuff; instead, write about your journey- something that people would want to read. If you are a band, write some interesting things about each member. If you are going to do a live performance, the organizers might copy some information from your website and display it to attract an audience. So ensure to create attention-grabbing content.

5. Blog or vlog

One of the best ways to engage your audience is by posting daily. You can tell them about your life events, experiences, stories, and anything they might find interesting. Video content is getting a lot of recognition these days. So if you do want to write elaborate blogs every day, you can shoot your experiences and share them with your fans on the website. You should update it frequently with exclusive content.

6. Photos

Make sure that the photos you are adding to your website are in high resolution. They should not pixelate or break when your audience is trying to zoom in to view it. This would give your website a premium and polished look. Hire a good photographer to do the job and ensure that they give you good resolution pictures- it should fit in the intended space without getting stretched.

7. Press promotional links

Did your recent event get covered by a newspaper? Have you given an interview on a TV or internet channel? If so, you can link them to your website. The links will help your new audiences to get an outside perspective about your music. It will engage your old audience too. You can also add screenshots of reviews given by a fan or an organization. The aim here is to stay consistent and highlight the best aspects of your work.

8. Placing useful links correctly

Your audience will visit your website to satiate their love for music. It means they would want to hear songs or buy stuff, which should be easily accessible. While designing your website, ensure that all the critical links your audience would be looking for are easily accessible.

9. Newsletter

Even though a newsletter might seem to be an obsolete idea at the moment, trust us, it offers some great benefits too. Having a dedicated email list would mean that you know who your target audience (music lovers) are. You can send them information about gigs, merchandise, and everything you want directly to their inbox.

10. Visitor-tracking features

Once you have added all the elements listed above, it is time to see if they are really working. Even thorough tracking the number of visitors to your website might sound like a challenge, but you can get the basic information using simple tools. Google Analytics or Jetpack for WordPress can help you with the job and give you the latest insights. You can now know how your social media promotions are working. You would know which elements drive the traffic most and find ways to make them better. With all this information, you will customize a strategy that will work in your favor.

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