10 Reasons Why Stuffed Animals Aren’t Just for Kids

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 19.1 percent of U.S. adults had an anxiety disorder in the past year, and an estimated 31.1 percent of U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder …


According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 19.1 percent of U.S. adults had an anxiety disorder in the past year, and an estimated 31.1 percent of U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. Stuffed animals are a great option for anyone of any age dealing with anxiety. However, stuffed animals do more than just act as a security blanket for kids or adults. There are plenty of reasons why grown adults can use stuffed animals in their life. Here are 10 reasons why stuffed animals aren’t just for kids.

  1. Stuffed Animals Help with Anxiety — First and foremost, yes, stuffed animals can be a great tool for dealing with anxiety. When you’re thinking of an anxious little kid, you probably imagine them holding tightly onto a security blanket or their stuffed dinosaur. While you might not have a security blanket anymore, there’s no shame in having a stuffed animal as an adult. If you need something to help with your anxiety, why not something as cute and harmless as a stuffed animal?
  2. Stuffed Animals Can Be Used for Calming You Down — Even if you don’t deal with anxiety, stuffed animals are just so darn cute to look at. They’re calming to hold and touch, especially because they’re so soft and plush. If someone gave us cute stuffed animals, or if we want to give them as a gift to someone else, who are we to say no to such a thoughtful gift?
  3. Stuffed Animals Remind You of Loved Ones — Speaking of gifts, spread the love and give your loved ones the gift of a stuffed animal care package. This kind of gift is perfect for a family who’s moving away. It’s perfect for your college kid who’s going to their dorm. If you’re going through a new change in your life and people are looking to give you a gift, why not suggest a care package with cuddly stuffed animals? You don’t even have to keep them for yourself. You can choose to donate them with stuffed animal donations for people who would really appreciate the kind gesture.
  4. Stuffed Animals Can Make You Happy — We can’t be happy all the time. Sometimes, we want to be happy just for a moment. Even during our saddest or most stressful times, sometimes we just need a brief moment of relief when we’re upset. Having a stuffed animal, even as an adult, can give you a sense of joy when you hold it close to your heart.
  5. Stuffed Animals Are Cuddle Buddies — There will be times when you can’t be near your loved ones. Maybe they’re away on a trip. Maybe they’ve grown up and gone to college. Maybe they’re working in the office, and you’re working from home. Sometimes you just need a hug in the middle of the day, and it’d be awkward to hug your coworker. Hug a stuffed animal instead.
  6. Stuffed Animals Represent Someone You Love — A stuffed animal object is more than an object. It represents the person who gave it to us. It represents someone we love. Even if that person is us, it allows us to give some self-care to ourselves. If you’ve given a stuffed animal to someone you love, they’ll think of you every time they see and hold their stuffed animal from you.
  7. Stuffed Animals Can Help You Fall Asleep — Perhaps you’ve gotten used to sleeping pills or a glass of wine at night to help yourself wind down for the evening. Having a stuffed animal can also act as a sleep aid when you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep. Tuck yourself into bed with whatever kind of stuffed animal gives you peace, like a mythical unicorn or a classic teddy bear.
  8. Stuffed Animals Help with a Wide Range of Emotions — Stuffed animals can help with emotional regulation beyond just anxiety. They can help when you’re upset about something or angry at someone. Instead of yelling at someone prematurely or saying words that you’ll regret, take a moment for yourself. Take a deep calming breath, count to 10 in your head and cuddle your stuffed animal.
  9. Stuffed Animals Offer Security — Adults need security blankets, too. It may not be a literal security blanket. It could be a stress ball or fidget spinner. It could be a stuffed animal. We all need something to help us ground ourselves when it feels like our world is spiraling out of control. Even if it’s just for a moment or provides us with a brief sense of security, it’s worth it to have a cuddly stuffed animal to help us through a challenging time.
  10. Stuffed Animals Give Us Confidence — Stuffed animals can give adults the confidence they need to get in touch with their inner playful child. Sometimes, we get so busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget to have fun along the way. We weren’t just meant to check things off a to-do list. We’re meant to enjoy this life. Stuffed animals serve as a reminder that we don’t need to take life too seriously.

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