10 Ways Celebrities Get Their Roles

Do you like the cast of Ms. Marvel? Wonder how the movie ended up casting actors from different countries? How do casting directors cast actors? Do they ask the actors, do they audition them, or …


Do you like the cast of Ms. Marvel? Wonder how the movie ended up casting actors from different countries? How do casting directors cast actors? Do they ask the actors, do they audition them, or do celebrities hit them up saying, “Hey, I wanna do this role”?

Every movie production abides by protocol. Casting directors break the script, identify the roles and their descriptive profiles, and notify the casting agents. Casting agents sell the film to a prospective star. The casting agents have a celebrity contact database and submit the pictures, demo reels, and resumes of the stars.

Here are 10 ways celebrities get their roles in movies or series:

1. The Celebrity’s Profile

If a celebrity has played similar roles before or is known for playing such roles, that celebrity has a 90% chance to get the role. It is important that the actor has played similar roles once or more and knows about it. It’s a plus if the actor received a recognition because of that similar role. This breaks the ice.

Jim Carrey mostly played comic roles in which he was the main character until he decided to experiment with new types of roles.

2. The Celebrity’s Resemblance

This sounds funny, but many times, the casting directors hire an actor that reflects the role impeccably. This is the reason many new actors get a break into big projects. The resemblance between the reel and the real character is striking, and that can seal the deal.

3. Auditions

Everyone knows about this one!

Auditioning is a way for a new actor to land in movies or series. If the actor tries to break into the movies, they have to audition. Another case is that an A-list actor also has to go through auditions. This happens when a star wants to be a cast for a role they never played before.

Take Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example. If he is to be cast in a romcom, he sure has to go through auditions.

4. The Star May Petition

This may happen sometimes when the star is attached to a role and want to get it. They can petition the role by sending gifts and other incentives to the producer or studio to convince them for the role. Their casting agents help in getting such roles for them. There is no need for a celebrity contact database in this case.

5. Some Roles Are Written for Big Names

There have been movies and series written for big names only like Christopher Walken or Robert de Niro. Arthur Miller wrote The Misfits, keeping Marlyn Monroe in his mind. In such a case, there is no way any other actor can play the role.

6. The Actor’s Demise

Many mishaps can make the role fall into another actor’s lap, and one of them is demise. The Genie in Aladdin was written keeping Robin Williams in mind. But by the time the script came into existence, Robin Williams was no more, and Will Smith got the role.

7. It’s a Sequel

If there is a sequel for a blockbuster, there is no doubt that the same actor will continue to play the role. Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean became very much a staple for the movie — the reason he is the only actor who had been playing Captain Jack Sparrow.

8. Actor Is in the Team

This means that the actor is the writer, the producer, or the director of the movie. It happens mostly that the actor who writes a story or produces a movie wants to be the main character. This is because they do not find anyone else doing justice to the role. Take Rocky as an example. Sylvester Stallon wrote the story and broke into the world of acting.

9. There Is a Clash

Sometimes an actor is selected for a role but leave later on because of certain conditions. This happens mostly to female actors. In some instances, the female actors do not feel  comfortable with certain roles or scenes, and they back out. This opens the opportunity for other actors, and the role falls into their lap.

10. Controversy Sometimes Helps

Some roles land on actors who are in the news due to some controversy. Diane Keaton was cast in The Godfather as his wife because she had an on-and-off relationship with Al Pacino at that time. Such controversies make their way to people’s attention. Such a cast influences the audience more than anything.

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Wrapping Up

Luck is the biggest player of them all. It is mostly luck that can land an actor a big role. But along with it the actor’s efforts, persona, versatility, talent, and availability matter a lot. Casting agents using the celebrity contact database are the ones who sieve the actors for roles.

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