10 Ways to Supercharge Your Website Conversion Rates

When an ideal client lands on your website, your goal is to make it easy to buy from you. Investing in your product or service should be a no-brainer decision. But how do you create …


When an ideal client lands on your website, your goal is to make it easy to buy from you. Investing in your product or service should be a no-brainer decision. But how do you create these kinds of results using your website? As a business owner, you want to make your job as easy as possible when it comes to making sales. This means supercharging your website with elements that make your products seem irresistible. The average conversion rate of a website is around 2%, which means you can expect around two customers for every one hundred visitors you have. Improving your overall conversion rate has never been more important, especially if you want to surpass your business goals in 2022. As long as your traffic is generally good, then you should have no problems increasing your conversions as long as you take the time to add some of the following measures into place.

1. Gain Professional Advice

Before you start making changes to your website, you may want to seek out the advice from a professional in the world of e-commerce. Their expert advice will not only help you to improve conversion rates, but they may also be able to help you with your overall marketing strategies. You may wish to work with an ecommerce consultant before you make DIY changes because it will save you time and put you on a quicker path to success. Once you become clear on what is and isn’t working for your business, you can be sure that your new strategies are going to be effective.

2. The Perfect Pop Up

It’s completely possible to create a pop up that doesn’t come across as spammy or annoying. As long as you make sure that it provides value to your customers, it will help to catapult your overall conversion rates. Offer a number of different offers from a free informative PDF to a discount code. Reduce the “annoying factor” by scheduling them on a twenty or thirty second delay. Add a “close” button that is clearly visible on the pop up; you need to give your consumers free choice whether to pay attention to it or not. Using this combination of techniques your newly installed pop up will be highly appealing and effective to your website visitors.

3. Simplify Form Fields

Although you may want to obtain as much data as possible from your potential clients, you also need to make the process simple. As a consumer yourself you have probably been put off by a form which contained too many fields. You want to put up as few barriers as possible when it comes to making a sale or gaining an enquiry so only collect the information that’s necessary. In most cases, a first name and email address is truly all you need to communicate effectively with a potential client.

4. Heighten Your Brand Credibility

If your business has appeared in a local publication, blog or magazine then you need to include their logos and links throughout your website. Positioning your brand alongside other trusted brands in your industry gives you a heightened sense of brand credibility. In a similar stance, you also need to include as many quotes and testimonials from previous happy clients too. Not only do these help to build trust with cold website visitors, but they also showcase your abilities, professionalism and product standards.

5. Clear, Concise and Clean Design

If you go away with one mission for your website after reading this article, it should be to remove as many distractions as possible. You can obtain a number of clean website examples online, so it might be worth changing up your layout. With a clear, concise and clean landing page you can improve conversion rates in an instant. Your visitors only want to know the important details so cut out anything that isn’t necessarily going to drive sales. With the help of an Atlanta web design company you can create an easy to read homepage or landing page using headlines, subheading, benefits, features, reviews and some visuals which provide a deeper insight into your offerings.

6. Use Sales Psychology

When you’re a consumer, you want to be presented with as few barriers as possible; that first step needs to be as simple as possible. It’s a well known fact that humans like to finish things that they start, so your first step needs to be the easiest. Instead of asking for a whole host of details, you might want to ask for something simple such as an email address. As soon as a consumer has taken that first step it is much more likely that they’ll go onto the next step of the sales process. Asking questions and using sales psychology during this journey will also encourage the potential client to keep moving along and taking the next step.

7. Calls to Actions Are King

If you don’t have an abundance of call to action buttons on your website, then you need to make some changes right now. You also need to think about the copy you’re using throughout your CTAs. Short and simple copy such as “join here” or “begin trial” won’t necessarily have the impact you’re looking for. If you spend ten minutes improving your call to action copy your conversion rates will skyrocket. One of the best tricks is to include positive psychology in your call to action copy. Starting a CTA with “yes! I want my discount” will help you to create the positive impact you’re looking for. Ultimately, you don’t want your reader to feel like they’re being sold to; when you give them the decision making power their mindset switches. Having a positive and open minded consumer is the key to converting them into a paying client.

8. Expand Your Methods of Communication

When a consumer is able to get in touch with you quickly and easily, you are much more likely to make a sale. Usually, website visitors can be on the fence for a long time before they press the trigger on the checkout button. Having a live chat feature or an automated chat bot will help to eliminate the barriers between your potential client and the final sale. There may be one simple question that they need the answer to, with this simple and relatively cheap feature you can be sure that your conversion rates are heightened.

9. Offer Guarantees

It’s a well known fact that consumers like to avoid risks as much as possible. When it comes to putting their hard earned money at stake, they want to know that they’re going to achieve the results they’re looking for or receive a product that goes above and beyond their expectations. When you offer a money back guarantee it takes away any fears or limited beliefs from the consumer. Their objections will be eased when they know they’re able to get their money back from a product or service. This is not only an excellent way to improve overall conversions, but it also helps to build trust between your brand and the consumer. Allowing your potential clients to feel in safe hands will put your business at a huge advantage.

10. Use Expiring Offers and Exclusivity

When you see the clock counting down your instant reaction as a consumer is to grab the offer as quickly as possible. When you’re trying to sell a product or service a countdown timer is a great way to heighten this feeling in your website visitors. Although you don’t want them to feel anxious, you do want to create a sense of urgency. This is proven to lead to higher conversion rates because people believe they’re going to miss out on the offer as soon as they land on the page. As well as creating a sense of urgency, you should also attempt to upsell at the point of purchase. This is a relatively easy step to include in your funnel and it requires no extra work on your end. As long as your upsell product is relevant to the current product or service, it will increase your average order value by around twenty percent. Experiment with a few different techniques and you will soon find an upsell which works wonders on your website.

Implementing Your Website Changes

With all of these ideas at your disposal, you will have a whole host of strategies to completely transform your website. Increasing your conversion rates will not only improve your business overall, but it will also help you to learn valuable information about your ideal clients. Whether you’re implementing changes to your call to action copy or you try out a brand new product as an upsell option, these are all effective strategies when it comes to improving your overall conversion rates. Making the customer journey as easy as possible will help you to create a seamless sales process so that your ideal client always says “yes” to buying your products or services. Hopefully, these ten methods to supercharge your website will work wonders for your sales as soon as you start implementing them.

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