14 Ways for Influencers to Make (More) Money in 2021

Creating digital content is no longer limited to a pastime. Content creators can use a variety of platforms and influencer marketing tactics to transform their hobby into a lucrative side business or even full-time employment. …


Creating digital content is no longer limited to a pastime. Content creators can use a variety of platforms and influencer marketing tactics to transform their hobby into a lucrative side business or even full-time employment. In fact, according to SignalFire, there are over 2 million professional creators out there. Furthermore, the demand for internet materials is continuously increasing.

The number of YouTube channels with over one million subscribers climbed by 65 percent in 2019. Furthermore, over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are seen every day, according to the company. There are numerous more niche content websites that are similarly successful, like Spotify, iTunes, and Medium, to name a few. Whether you’re a blogger, vlogger, podcaster, or YouTuber, who’s implementing influencer marketing strategies, this article will show you 14 different ways to make money.

How can influencers make more money?

Content makers develop instructional and/or entertaining content that targets a specific target audience’s difficulties or requirements. Content can take many different formats, from blogs and articles to audio and podcasts. There are numerous types of influencers, as well as a diverse range of channels, specialized content sites, and platforms to choose from. Listed below are a few ways to make more money for influencers:

Online Education

According to Skillshare, the highest-paid teachers can earn up to $100,000 a year. You can not only make a lot of money, but you can also establish yourself as one of the most authoritative and influential creators in your industry by teaching online through companies like Udemy, Teachable, or Skillshare. Furthermore, it is an excellent technique to get more active followers.

In general, it’s ideal to stick to a topic that you know a lot about and make these online classes brief so that the lessons are easy to follow and comprehend.

Advisory services

You can also provide one-on-one consulting services if you like the idea of sharing your talents but don’t want to use an online learning platform. While it may need some additional effort, it can be quite profitable because you will be paid per hour (and you get to decide what your hourly fee is). For example, you may assist aspiring content creators with developing their own strategy or simply reviewing their portfolios.

Regardless of the scale of your consulting services, it might provide a welcome reprieve from writing content, especially if you’re stuck.

Offering Exclusive Content for Sale

Creating a perception of exclusivity can be an influential marketing strategy. One method to do this is to make paid memberships available to your fans. Subscribers who sign up for this tier will receive special material that you have generated only for them in exchange for a predetermined monthly fee.

Memberships or Subscription

Subscriptions are available for some categories of content. If you’re a podcaster, for example, you might consider charging your listeners for an ad-free listening experience in exchange for a paid subscription. The advantage of this technique, as previously said, is that you can provide several tiers, with the more expensive levels giving quality content.

Art for Sale

Do not undervalue your supporters’ desire to support your work. By opening an online store, you provide your fans the opportunity to demonstrate their support for your work. After all, they wouldn’t have followed you in the first place if they didn’t like your products. You could, for example, start an Etsy store to sell your artwork. Then, to make it easy for your fans to find your Etsy business, include a link to it in the profile of each of your social network sites.


Once you’ve amassed a sizable following, it’s a good idea to start selling merchandise. T-shirts, mugs, totes, sweatshirts, hats, and socks, for example, can all be customized with your logo. All of these are popular items that you can sell on sites like Bonfire, Printify, and Redbubble. You can incorporate your merchandise in your films, for example, to help you make money by selling goods. You can generate interest in your new product line simply by wearing your branded T-shirt.

Buying and selling stock photos

If you don’t consider yourself an artist or dislike the thought of having your face on a mug, you may always offer stock photos. You might also make a stock video or audio content and sell it. For example, you can contribute to a site like Storyblocks, which has over 180,000 active members.

Sponsorships with a recognizable brand

In a nutshell, branded sponsorship is when a company pays you a set price in exchange for promoting its brand. It’s not only a means to generate money, but it’s also a means to get some free stuff. However, in order to employ branded sponsorships as a source of income, you must have a sizable following. It’s also possible that you’ll be forced to advertise things that you don’t particularly enjoy. Some of the big brands opt to use influencer marketing tools to get the things done.

Appearances in Public

While in-person meetings may seem foreign at the time, don’t underestimate the usefulness of exhibitions and other sorts of engagements. In today’s world, the most well-known content creators are seen as celebrities. They may make money from influential marketing by ticket sales and even selling products at these events by leveraging their celebrity.

Even if you don’t have a large following, you can talk as an expert alongside other industry professionals or as a keynote speaker at a function.

Syndication of content

In a nutshell, content syndication is when you grant permission to larger third-party sites to publish your content in exchange for a fee or a byline. Even if you merely gain notoriety and no monetary reward, it can still be advantageous in the long run because the third-party site will almost always include a link to your website, which helps to drive visitors.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a viable option for content makers with a sizable following on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media sites. You will be able to earn a commission by recommending products in this manner. If you choose to employ influential marketing, you must first research the affiliate products available in your niche (in other words, products that your existing followers will find interesting). Many of the most well-known content providers limit themselves to just endorsing things that they use personally.


Unlike when you sell exclusive content or art, supporters who choose to donate do not expect anything in return for their generosity. However, relying solely on donations cannot be your long-term strategy. You must find a strategy to generate a recurrent stream of income in order to be sustainable.

Direct Advertising

Direct advertising is frequently the first point of call for content creators. You can put clickable advertising on your own website, for example. The advertiser will then compensate you for the revenue generated by click-throughs.

Advertising on Social Media

While selling exclusive material is a lucrative business, you must still ensure that people are aware of it. This is when social media advertisements come in handy. While this may require some financial investment, it will assist you in attracting people who are unfamiliar with your work and brand. Check out how you can get more followers to increase your brand awareness

Bottom Line

Listen above are a few effective ways from which influences can generate additional revenue. These are quite similar to a part-time job or taking up some source to make passive income. You can pick either of the above alternatives as per your preference and instantly make some extra bucks.

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