Staging a home is an integral part of a house selling strategy. It helps set the stage for potential buyers and highlights your home’s best features. But many people focus their attention indoors and overlook the exterior of their home.

While there are few metrics for the value added to a home with effective curb appeal strategies, any real estate agent in Whitby will agree that it’s vital to get the best price for your home. If your home in Whitby or another city doesn’t look good from the curb, buyers may not take the time to explore the inside. Therefore, effective curb appeal impacts a home’s value and should not be overlooked.

Luckily there are many different ways to boost a home’s curb appeal, ranging from affordable low-cost swaps to big projects like landscaping. Whatever your budget, there’s something to be gained from addressing your home’s curb appeal. Here are several ways to spruce yours up.

Pressure Wash

If you don’t have a pressure washer, this only requires the cost of renting one and a couple of hours of your time. Before taking on any major curb appeal projects, remember sometimes all something needs is a good wash to bring it back to life, and that includes your home.

Over time, snow, rain, dirt, grime, and debris can all build up on your home. Those layers add up slowly, and often, we don’t even realize it’s happening. But spend an afternoon power washing your home, and you’ll be shocked at the effect it has. A good wash can make your home look like it’s brand new.

Front Door

For most home staging, the idea is to keep things neutral, so buyers can imagine themselves in the space rather than getting distracted by your decor. But the front door is the welcoming entrance into a house, and this is one of the few places where it pays to be bold.

A bold front door makes a big difference, as it serves as the focal point of the home, so you want it to stand out and grab attention. You can opt for a new door if you wish to, but if it’s in good enough condition, all it needs is a paint job in a bold color. opt for a bright red, deep blue, or bright yellow to liven things up.

Garden and Yard

A well-maintained yard might seem boring, but keeping your property looking neat and tidy is a key element of curb appeal. Prevent bushes and gardens from becoming overgrown or grass from getting too long, as these tend to make a yard look messy and unkempt. Pay particular attention to the edging of your lawn, and don’t forget to sweep up grass clippings.

Adding some colorful plants and flowers can bring life to your property, but make sure you keep up on trimming and deadheading. The important thing is you want your property to look lush and inviting but not overgrown and neglected.

Selling a home is a busy time, so if you don’t have time to keep up with yard work, consider hiring a professional to keep it up as long as your home is on the market. Having a manicured lawn and maintained gardens will give buyers the inviting impression that your home is well cared for and loved.

These tips are easy and affordable ways to boost your home’s curb appeal and make it enticing for buyers to visit. Try them out and see the attention it brings when you’re selling your house.