Texas is a massive state with countless resources, beautiful cities, and endless opportunities to grow and change: so how do you pick where to land?  Although some may assume every town is the same as the others, there are differences that can blow you away if you don’t expect them.

San Antonio is an incredibly unique city!  If you’re considering where to move in Texas, and this is on your list, it’s vital to stop and get to know what makes it special.  These are three essential things to know before you move here.

1. This City Is Quickly Growing and Getting Pricey

Although the average San Antonio apartments for rent are still cheaper than what you’ll find in most large cities, prices are definitely on the rise.  San Antonio is seeing the most growth in the tech and aerospace industries, which are rocketing and bringing in a lot of jobs and opportunities for everyone.

It’s still early enough in these industries’ lives that anyone can boost their career and start something new and fantastic here, but it’s vital that you get in on the ground floor.  Prices in Texas are generally lower than the national average, but San Antonio’s market has been heating up in recent years, and it can be a difficult price to swallow if you’re not expecting it.

2. No Income Tax but Higher Taxes in Other Areas

Texas is one of the lucky states that have no income tax!  Although you’ll still have to pay out to the national government every year, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to worry about paying out to the local state government as an employee.

Unfortunately, there are higher taxes in other areas.  San Antonio’s current tax rate is 9%, and property tax rates sit at around 1.5% to 2%.  Between 2018 and 2022, the average property rate rose by 64% here, so it’s worth it if you’re willing to deal with the cost.

3. There’s a Lot of History and Engaging Fun Here

History is a part of what makes any area interesting, and San Antonio is no different!  Here you can visit The Alamo, which makes the place so famous and is an important part of the history of both Texas and the US.

You can also explore countless museums, galleries, and historic buildings that all work to create the beautiful and intense history that’s made San Antonio so exceptional.  If you’re new to the history of the state, this is an excellent place to stop and gain some of that incredible knowledge.

In San Antonio, you can also explore countless gardens, great bars, and clubs, and have more fun than you’d ever expect out of such a quiet city.  It’s truly one of a kind!

There’s No Place Like San Antonio!

San Antonio is a great mix of industry, arts, and fun. All swirled into one beautiful Texas city.  If you’re ready to embrace a fun work and life balance and aren’t afraid to try new things, it’s time to stop and check out San Antonio!