3 reasons to install solar panels on your roof

Solar installers are modules consisting of many photovoltaic-type cells that are connected either in series or in parallel to each other. As soon as light rays hit the solar system, it begins to produce electricity. …


Solar installers are modules consisting of many photovoltaic-type cells that are connected either in series or in parallel to each other. As soon as light rays hit the solar system, it begins to produce electricity. The more intense the lighting, the more electricity you can get.

Solar system elements

Before purchasing solar panels for your home, you should learn more about how they work. The accumulative system of energy supplied by the sun consists of four main elements.

1. Solar panels.

Their main role is to provide electricity to the relevant system. The only condition for the normal functioning of the panels is a sufficient amount of sunlight.

2. Solar charge controllers.

The main task is to control the power of energy that enters the batteries. In addition, this element is responsible for preventing reverse current, which drains the emitter, when there is no sunlight.

3. Batteries.

This part of the system stores the DC energy coming from solar installations, then converts it into electricity for further use in the house.

4. Generator.


In modern panels, there are eco-friendly generators, which are responsible for converting the direct current emitted from a solar installation or batteries into variable energy power. This is what allows us to use it for domestic purposes.

A solar panel system can fully power a medium-sized home for several hours, provided it has a connection to the mains. Even when the light is turned off, the batteries will not stop working.

It is worth noting that according to the information provided by the Statista website, the power level of solar panels increased 100 times between 2005 and 2018. These technologies are considered among the most funded sources, while the price category of the solar energy market continues to increase.


Benefits of using solar panels

Everyone has access to the energy that the sun emits. It is endless and has a lot of positive aspects. Even though solar panels can be harmful, they are still a great alternative to generating electricity.

There are many benefits of solar panels at home. Among them should be highlighted:

  • organization of an autonomous power supply option, lack of dependence on public utilities and natural anomalies;
  • safety for the environment, subject to proper installation and further operation;
  • inexhaustible possibilities of resources;
  • the durability of use, with the ability to replace a damaged part;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • no noise during operation.

In addition, among the benefits of solar panels, one should highlight the moment that after the system has served its useful life, at the end of its operation, you can have the panels recycled. This confirms the fact that this option for obtaining alternative electricity is quite environmentally friendly.


Varieties of solar panels and their features

The option of converting solar energy into electricity is actively gaining popularity around the world and in Ukraine, in particular. This causes the emergence of new types of solar panels.

1. Monocrystalline type.

This variant provides for the use of silicon wafers of a single-crystal type. Their distinctive feature is a uniform dark blue shade of surfaces. Only pure silicon is in use for manufacturing, which makes this option the most efficient compared to other wafers. In addition, this explains the high cost of this type of solar panel.

2. Polycrystalline type.

This version of the panels, in comparison with the monotype, has an uneven blue color on the surface since the crystals have a position in different directions. This causes the fact that even with the presence of scattered light, a high level of efficiency can be achieved. Even though the polycrystalline version is less efficient than the monocrystalline one, these panels can generate more electrical energy even in cloudy and rainy weather.

3. Thin-film type.

The use of thin-film format technologies made it possible to manufacture budget portable solar panels. They are popular for large-scale farms that generate electricity from sunlight. This is especially true when there is a small budget for the purchase of expensive installations and a large area to place them. You can install thin-film panels on the ground, roof, or side surface of a residential building.

4. Silicon type.

This type of solar panel is made using amorphous silicon. Production is fundamentally different from the development of crystalline installations. For this, a hybrid rather than pure material is used, which explains the low cost of finished solar equipment. Since the structure of amorphous silicon is unique, this version of solar cells can effectively absorb light-scattering photons.


Top Three Reasons to Buy Solar Panels

A solar power plant is a high-tech facility that has recently become very popular worldwide. This is due to the large number of benefits of solar panels on roofs that motivate people to purchase this system.

There are three main reasons why you should buy an alternative energy generation unit.

1. Possibility of additional financial income.

Throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions, you can convert solar energy into electricity. This process can be easily monetized by selling electricity to the power grid. However, first, you need to connect the so-called “Green Tariff” to your solar equipment.

2. Fast payback.

Owners of solar panel roofs will rather quickly return the money spent after purchasing even the most expensive installation. This is because the presence of solar panels on the roof of the house saves the owner from paying for electricity since an alternative source of electricity produces it.

It is necessary to note that when generating energy in large quantities, with an excess, the owner can sell it to the state. This happens according to the established tariff plan.

3. Ecological purity.

While the solar panels are working, no damage to the environment has ever been recorded. In other words, their functioning does not have a negative impact on the human body and the state of such natural objects as:

  • water;
  • the number of natural resources;
  • flora and fauna.

In addition, there are several more reasons to use solar panels for your home. It’s about the inexhaustibility of resources. The potential of the energy that the sun provides is much higher than human needs. That is, the production of electricity occurs through alternative technologies, using natural resources that will recover naturally.

Also, the system operates for a sufficiently long period of time. It copes with the assigned tasks regardless of climate, weather conditions, and other factors as far as solar panels are highly reliable and made from quality materials. For them to be productive, manufacturing considers all the features of their further operation.

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