Depending on whether you pay for your eye test, and the type of frame you choose, getting a new pair of glasses can potentially be quite pricey. Once you have paid for them, it can be a good idea to look after them properly, so that they can do their job in aiding with your eyesight, and you don’t need to fork out even more money for repairs or replacement.

Fix any bends

Bends can occur when the glasses have been distorted out of their natural position, and can happen to both metal and plastic frames, especially if they have been played with, sat on, or even dropped. You can find information regarding how to fix any bends in your frames using this website, which will help to walk you through the steps. This can be beneficial as it means you no longer need to book appointments to have them fixed on your behalf. Once the bends have been sorted, you can then consider the best ways to prevent these issues from occurring again, such as investing in a good quality protective case, and using it when you aren’t wearing your glasses.

Keep them clean

Cleaning your glasses can help you to see better, as smudges and smears may distort your view. Getting into the habit of cleaning your glasses properly, using a special cleaning cloth made for glasses, will remove any smears or fingerprints. You should avoid using clothing, kitchen towel, or other materials when cleaning your glasses. While these may feel soft to the touch, they do increase the risk of the lenses becoming scratched, and may not be able to remove all of the dirt. Scratches on the lenses can lead to you needing a replacement, so it is also in your financial interest to clean them as recommended.

Avoid chemicals

Chemicals and cleaning agents can be great to use around your home, but are not suitable for use with your glasses. Even hot water can pose a risk, especially to plastic frames which may become a great deal more malleable when exposed to heat. Some people think that window cleaner could be a good alternative, however this also comes with its risks. Not only will you then be putting these chemicals near your face and nose, which can cause headaches and dizziness if inhaled, but some of the contents of these sprays can destroy the material of the glasses, especially if they contain alcohol. This ingredient can both damage the lenses, and any coatings you have had added to them, as well as erode the material of the frames. Even your own saliva is not a good cleaner, as this can increase the likelihood of eye infections. Instead, follow the above guidance regarding cleaning, or opt for specialist glasses cleaning sprays or wipes.

Looking after your glasses can help the frames to last a lot longer, as well as provide the support that your vision needs. Making smart choices about wearing them, cleaning them, and even safe storage will go a long way towards maintaining their condition.