Some clothing items quickly rise to fame and become fashion trends before disappearing after a couple of seasons, others become wardrobe staples that last throughout the decades. They may be adapted as new trends develop but remain popular with both older and younger generations.

One such item is the puffer coat; the puffer is a patented style that has been around longer than most of us can remember. In fact, the first coat in this style is believed to have been designed as far back as 1936 by a gentleman named Eddie Bauer.

Bauer wasn’t looking to create such a unique style to gain attention, the puffer was actually designed out of necessity after he experienced a severe case of hypothermia whilst on a fishing trip in the middle of winter. He named the first coat the Skyliner and filled quilted fabric with down feathers.

In 1937, the designer Charles James designed a evening jacket in a similar style and in the 1970s Norma Kamali’s sleeping bag coat design received a lot of attention in the world of fashion. Today, you can find a vast range of styles of men’s puffer coats on online stores, designed for both men and women. These coats are practical, stylish and versatile.

Puffer coats are a favorite amongst celebrities as they can be layered over so many different outfits. Here are a couple of examples of celebs that have nailed this style:

Prince Harry’s Norrona Oslo Lightweight

Prince Harry has been seen in this style on multiple occasions, most notably he wore a black Norrona Oslo Lightweight puffer coat while touring New Zealand. He styled it with gray pants and suede brown smart shoes for a smart-casual look.

Wife Meghan Markle has also been spotted wearing the same coat.

Sebastian Bear-McClard’s lenki Ienki Michelin Down Jacket

Emily Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard have been spotted in matching Ienki Ienki Michelin Puffer Jackets. Emily wore a belted design while Sebastian chose the less fitted option.

He kept the look casual with joggers and sneakers and wore his hood up with a baseball cap underneath.

Inspired by these celebs to give wearing a puffer style coat a try? Here are some ways you can style a puffer into a fashionable yet comfy outfit:

1. Graphic Sweatshirt or t-shirt and Knitted Beanie

For an effortlessly cool and comfortable vibe, pairing a puffer coat with a graphic t-shirt or sweater and knitted beanie is very on trend. Keep the bottom half simple with jeans and sneakers.

If going for a very colorful graphic design, you can tone down the outfit with a plain puffer coat in black or white. Although, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with clashing and bold colors if you’re going for an attention-grabbing look.

2. Extra Cozy knits and Sneakers

Another ideal combination for colder weather is a puffer coat with a knitted jumper. If it’s especially cold, why not add a knitted scarf and beanie hat? Sneakers are a laid-back option, but many different styles of boots will also work with this simple look.

3. Ultra-Comfy Airport-Chic

If you are traveling long distances and need a layered outfit that will keep you comfortable then pairing your puffer coat with a hoodie and joggers is the way to go. You can choose a color palette to make sure your clothing items complement each other and suit the occasion. For instance, monochrome tones are striking while pastel colors are bright and cheery for spring and summer.

Puffer coats are easy to wear and generally long-lasting, and as they are unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon, they are a piece worth investing in.