4 Home Upgrades You Can Save Money On by Buying Wholesale

Whether you’re an HGTV fan or not, you likely know that doing any type of home repair or renovation can be pricey. From hard materials to labor costs, upgrading your home can set you back. …

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Whether you’re an HGTV fan or not, you likely know that doing any type of home repair or renovation can be pricey. From hard materials to labor costs, upgrading your home can set you back. Some of these repairs may be cosmetic, like swapping out the dining room light fixture. Others may be absolutely necessary, such as when your refrigerator suddenly stops working.

While you want the end result to be something that you’re proud of, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on a project. Thanks to wholesalers, you can save money and fix your home so it’s up to your standards. Below are four home upgrades that you can save money on by going the wholesale route.

1. Air Conditioning Systems

An air conditioning system always seems to break during the most inconvenient times. You may be packing your bags for vacation when it dies. Or perhaps it’s overworked after a hot week and decides to conk out on you. Whatever the situation, you’re in need of a new one — and quickly! Due to the sense of urgency, you may think that your only choice is a local HVAC contractor, but that’s not the case.

Depending on the size of your home, a brand-new system — especially if the furnace is involved — could be a five-figure sum. This isn’t a chunk of change that you were probably expecting to pay this month. But by purchasing from online wholesalers, you can buy a new ductless air conditioner for much less. When shopping for a new air conditioner, do some research to determine which model will work best for your needs. Seek out a high-efficiency unit that will decrease your monthly utility bills, too.

2. Flooring

Changing the flooring can completely transform a room. Outdated wall-to-wall shag can be exchanged for hardwood or tile for a fresh, clean look. New carpeting is also attractive, but those with seasonal allergies may do better with an easier-to-clean option like vinyl plank floors. Whichever material you choose, upgrading your floors can be a costly hassle. While doing one room may not take that long, it can still be expensive — unless you take the wholesale approach.

Big box membership warehouses such as Sam’s Club and Costco sell flooring at much lower prices than traditional showrooms. You may be able to see samples in-store at these places, or you can order samples so you can visualize the results in your home. Because there are thousands of flooring options available, get a general idea of what you’re looking for before you start shopping. Then you can weigh the pros and cons of different possibilities so you feel good about your final purchase decision.

3. Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home. Choosing a light color such as pale yellow or seafoam green can open up a once dingy kitchen. A deeper, darker hue like royal blue or maroon can make an office feel particularly cozy. And no matter what you want your child to select, they’re bound to pick a vibrant shade of red, purple, or blue for their bedroom. Fortunately, paint is something that can be easily changed — as long as you account for it budget-wise.

While painting is generally considered a bargain home upgrade, the costs can add up when you’re painting multiple rooms. Choosing an online paint wholesaler can keep your wallet happy as you freshen up your home. In addition to saving money on paint, you will also save on required tools like rollers, trays, masking tape, and more. Paint wholesalers carry top-tier brand names, so you know the hard work you’re putting in will last for years to come. Or at least as long as your tween takes to grow tired of her Barbie-inspired pink room!

4. Windows and Doors

Installing new energy-efficient windows and doors can save you money over the long haul as they’ll provide better insulation. However, the tab for these new fixtures can cost a pretty penny. Replacing one drafty door probably won’t be too financially punishing. But purchasing dozens of new windows for your entire home is enough to make your wallet weep.

No matter your needs, going to a wholesale window and door specialist can once again save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Whether you want wood-clad or vinyl, double-hung or casement, these online sellers have plenty of options to select from. Ask the wholesaler if any of the brands they sell offer a limited lifetime warranty, as this can provide further peace of mind.


Home projects should excite you, not leave you feeling wary of the price tag. While you may be hemming and hawing over tile colors, one decision you don’t need to think twice about is buying wholesale. Thanks to online wholesalers, you don’t even need to worry about finding one in your local area.

In addition to lower costs, wholesalers are often able to provide better product selection. Having more options can help you make a better long-term decision for your specific needs. Also, wholesalers know what brands tend to perform best. By chatting with one of their in-house experts, you can get the inside scoop and make the optimal choice.

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