Life is unpredictable, and anything can happen. In a difficult life situation, when criminal prosecution begins or is already being carried out against you, it is almost impossible to do without the help of an experienced lawyer. Defense in a criminal case should be carried out by an experienced professional.

Every citizen has the right to qualified legal assistance. This applies to everyone, even persons who are detained and taken to custody. During the interrogation process, or at the time of arrest and the presentation of charges, a criminal lawyer must be present.

A person taken into custody is not always guilty of the alleged crime, or the measure of his guilt may be significantly less than that presented by the prosecutor for trial. How many people have become victims of a judicial or even investigative error? This often happens where the evidence points to a certain person, and he was framed.

So a criminal lawyer is essential. After all, he will investigate the facts and evidence, look for witnesses, and control law enforcement agencies’ lawful actions. A criminal lawyer in Singapore can help you get to the bottom of the truth.

What a Criminal Lawyer Does

The role of a lawyer in criminal cases can’t be assumed. A criminal lawyer is a guarantee of your reliable protection in court. A professional will help the client choose a course of action and advise the suspect on a confidential basis. Here are the key things a criminal lawyer in Singapore does;

1. Provides oral or written advice

A criminal lawyer has the opportunity to provide oral or written advice. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that all stages of cooperation are carried out in total confidentiality. This means that a lawyer can be entrusted with any secrets related to a specific criminal case.

2. Draws up and submits the complaints, petitions, and statements of claim

Any defense in a criminal case involves a thorough study of the material. If necessary, the lawyer can draw up and submit the complaints, petitions, statements of claim, and other documents. All of them are aimed at ensuring the legal rights and interests of the client.

3. Collects all information

A lawyer has the right to collect certain information about the injured party, as well as witnesses. For this, official requests are sent to public and private organizations.

4. Draws up a supervisory/ cessation appeal

Often, it becomes necessary for a lawyer to competently draw up a supervisory or cessation appeal if the court’s verdict does not correspond to the real circumstances of the case.

Lawyers can represent the suspect, the accused, witnesses, the injured party, and other persons. A timely appeal to a lawyer will help avoid negative consequences, such as conviction by a court verdict, assigning the maximum type of punishment, ignoring mitigating circumstances, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to contact a lawyer immediately after discovering the initiation of a criminal case.

Need a qualified criminal lawyer? The criminal lawyer in Singapore provides legal protection to victims and accused parties on favorable terms. You should assess the professionalism of a lawyer before concluding a contract.