Sadly, not everyone receives the care that they expect when they turn to health experts. Substandard care given by medical professionals to patients can lead to conditions worsening and even new injuries. In such cases, the patients can file medical negligence claims with the aim of receiving compensation for damages. According to NHS Resolution, 6,574 clinical claims received compensation between 2020 and 2021.

It’s important to know what types of medical negligence exist, in the case that you suffer an accident in the course of treatment. So, what are the types of medical negligence?


Misdiagnosis is a major cause of medical negligence. However, it doesn’t only mean making a wrong diagnosis, but also when a doctor fails to make a diagnosis for a long period of time. In both cases, patients do not receive the correct treatment that they need and lose opportunities to stop their condition before it worsens. Misdiagnosis can cause serious harm and in the worst cases, death.

Brain injury negligence

Brain injuries are almost always life changing. So, it’s appropriate when patients who have been left with brain injuries seek compensation in order to help them better face the challenges that lie before them.

Brain injury compensation claims include the infliction of new brain injuries as well as the diagnosis and treatment of existing conditions, such as:

  • Sub-arachnoid haemorrhages
  • Subdural haematomas
  • Strokes
  • Aneurysms
  • Meningitis
  • Birth injuries
  • And many more

Brain injuries can affect anyone at any time, with the severity of consequences varying greatly. Since the brain controls our movements, bodily functions, thinking, moods and emotions, the effects to the victims and their families are often significant and require professional support to mitigate.

Negligent cosmetic care

The cosmetic surgery industry is less regulated compared to the NHS. So, the appearance of cosmetic surgery practices can be deceiving, both in the UK and abroad. It’s relatively easy for practitioners who don’t have the proper technical expertise to masquerade as trained specialists and set up surgeries as commercial enterprises.

Surgeries performed in such conditions can lead to complications, injury and death. Even if rectification is possible, through additional surgeries, the emotional and psychological damage inflicted on patients is harder to assuage.

Prescription and medication errors

Vast numbers of prescriptions are written throughout the UK each day. Errors can occur within this process in a variety of ways. Doctors can prescribe the wrong dosage of medication, or even the wrong medication altogether. Patients can receive harmful combinations of medication and medicines that they’re allergic to.

There are many more types of medical negligence. If you’ve suffered from an accident during the course of treatment, it’s critical that you are compensated for the damage you’ve received. In order to get this, understand the different kinds of medical negligence and get advice from experts.