In today’s economy, with its soaring inflation rates and other hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we could all use a bit of a financial break. If you’re looking for extra ways to earn money, you may be overlooking one quick and easy solution: recycling scrap metal. 

If you own or have access to unneeded scrap metals that are worth money, you could be losing potential income that you didn’t even realize was ready at your disposal. With a minimal amount of effort, you could be earning more money. All you need to do is learn what metals you might own that could be valuable and how to redeem them for cash.  

Aluminum Cans

While aluminum cans are abundant, they are not extremely valuable individually. Consequently, while it doesn’t take too much effort to take aluminum cans to a bottle depot to exchange for money, it could end up taking you hours upon hours to round up enough aluminum cans to make this effort worthwhile.


Copper is much more valuable than aluminum cans, so you earn a lot more money by doing much less work if you have access to copper that is not needed. The problem with recycling copper is that its high value makes it less common to find. Since copper is regularly used in electrical wiring, one of the most common ways the copper gets recycled is if you have recently completed a construction project and have leftover materials. 

Dental Scrap

If you’re a dentist looking to earn extra income and you’re not already aware of the potential to recycle dental scrap, you could be in for a pleasant surprise. Dental scrap refers to the material left over after working on a patient who has previously undergone restoration work that requires replacing or other alterations. 

Since dental restoration requires metals that don’t corrode, such as 

  • Gold 
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

they tend to be very valuable, even in low quantities. 

Earning extra money by recycling dental scrap is one of the easiest ways that a dentist can make extra money quickly. All that you must do is to save your dental scrap until a significant amount accumulates and then take it to a company that offers dental scrap metal recycling services. 

Appliances and Auto Scrap

Old appliances and auto scrap contains ferrous metals that can also be recycled in exchange for money. While such metals are not very valuable, they tend to be found in large quantities, making it easier to collect more valuable amounts of them. If you’re interested in recycling old machinery like appliances and auto scrap, it also helps if you own a set of tools and possess the skills to disassemble machine components.

Given the rising cost of living and the difficulty of the job market, almost everyone could use a side-hustle to earn some extra money. If you’re a dentist, make sure that you’re taking advantage of your dental scrap to bring added income to your practice.