Motorcycle accidents look minor, but they are quite the opposite. While a few bruises, scarring, and flat tires can be settled in a small claims court, serious accidents can be devastating, causing grave injuries and even death. Such an outcome would mandate a lengthy legal process. According to data from the City of Tampa, there were 2,587 bike accidents in 2021. Of these, 17 resulted in fatalities and 1,861 resulted in injuries. Additionally, approximately 65% of crashes occurred on residential roads, 27% on local roads, and 8% on highways. Moreover, almost 40% of collisions involving cyclists aged 25-35; adults aged 46-55 accounted for a further 16%.

Motorcycle accidents frequently occur at Tampa’s most dangerous intersections, like Waters Ave W And Hanley Road. These accidents fall under personal injury, meaning you deserve compensation if you get injured in a crash. Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa to maximize your chances of settlement. The following are some ways a lawyer can help claim damages for your injuries.

1. Case Review and Analysis

Proving liability in a motorcycle accident is complex to should ensure you have a valid case. During the first appointment,  your lawyer will ask for any information about the case, including doctor reports and audio and video footage from the accident scene.

The strength of your evidence can make or break a motorcycle’s personal injury case. Your attorney ensures that your evidence is admissible right from the onset. They also decide whether or not you have a case.

2. Discovery of Unique Facts About the Case

Insurance companies will only agree to reasonable claim compensation if they know they stand no chance before a judge. Having some hard-to-find facts related to them in your closet is the first key to success. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa, Florida, can identify subtle evidence, smoothing your case’s rough edges.

Claims reviewers will peruse doctors’ reports and comb through police reports to identify evidence the police and the defendants missed. Scrutiny of the defendant’s driving qualifications and expertise might uncover a can of worms. Good attorneys can piece together these subtle facts and use them to your advantage.

3. Paint a Good Image Before the Jury

The biggest challenge in a motorcycle accident claim is the misconstrued notions that motorcycle riders are reckless. Any accident involving motorcycles is assumed to be the rider’s fault. This negatively affects the outcome of the claim.

While some motorcyclists cause auto crashes, not all are bad. The vehicle driver might be the liable party.

A seasoned attorney can convince the jury that you ride responsibly if the claim becomes a lawsuit. Experience levels, expertise, and level of training help your accident attorney convince the court of your innocence. This increases the chances of the jury ruling in your favor.

4. Protect You From the Insurance Company

Like other businesses, insurance companies always prioritize profit margins over your interests. Insurance adjusters will employ any trick in the book, including unethical ones, to deny your claim. Their strategies and underhanded attacks always work on plaintiffs without lawyers.

Common strategies used by insurance adjusters include:

  • Taking out of context whatever you say to hurt your claim
  • Scrutinizing your social media accounts
  • Delaying the claim process
  • Misrepresenting the law
  • Convincing you to avoid hiring an attorney
  • Requesting a recorded statement to trap you

5. Ensure You Get Maximum Compensation

There is no upper limit to the amount of personal injury damages recoverable in Florida after a motorcycle accident. How much or little you receive depends on how you present and defend your rights. On average, those who get represented by their attorneys receive thrice the compensation of those who represent themselves, according to the Insurance Research Council (IRC).