The words “personal growth” can mean different things to different people. However, in most cases, it means mental, spiritual, and emotional maturation and development. This can happen spontaneously, such as when people have sudden epiphanies during or after life events, or it can be done with focus and intention. Ultimately, this kind of growth results in a healthier, happier, and more well-rounded person.

Not Knowing From What to Start

One of the main reasons for slow personal growth is not knowing where to start and what goals to achieve. It can cause anxiety and poor motivation, especially when you experience too many downs on your way to success. However, there are so many apps and tools, like Headway, that allow people to learn new skills just from their phones. These tools also allow users to track their progress and find something new for personal growth and development.

Fear of Change (or Fear of Potential Failure)

One of the biggest things that can prevent personal growth is fear. We all have experienced fear of change and failure, but sometimes it makes it hard for us to move on and try something new. While some can overcome this fear, others prefer to stay in their safe space.

If you want to boost your personal growth and development, you need to start identifying those fears. What do they mean? What can they say about your goals and about your character? Once answers are found, it will be easier to understand that those fears aren’t realistic and worthy of consideration. Sometimes we all need just 20 seconds of thoughtless courage.

An Effort to Meet Others’ Expectations

Sometimes we are forced to grow because we try so hard to meet others’ expectations of us. But it won’t work the way real self-improvement can and can lead to dissatisfaction with your entire life in the long run. The key to progress and growth is to know who you want to be in a few years and what life you would like to have as key orienteers.

If you live the life someone else wants for you, you can always stop yourself and find a path that you like and want. An effort to meet someone’s expectations about you will ruin your plans and goals in a moment while also taking too much time and resources from your life.

Cultural or Religious Programming

This also goes hand in hand with pleasing others’ expectations. Some people stop themselves from personal growth because they feel like the kind of emotional, mental, or spiritual maturation they want to achieve in conflict with their beliefs, culture or religion. There is no one way to overcome this barrier, yet you can find some fresh ways for personal growth aligning with your beliefs.

Self-Criticism/Negative Self-Talk

Being critical regarding yourself can stop you from personal growth and make it harder for you to live a happy life. Yes, sometimes we all criticize ourselves, but when you don’t believe in yourself, you prevent yourself from achieving success. Set a goal to just believe in yourself for one month and see how your life can change, or seek professional help if you are constantly experiencing self-criticism.