5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments

In today’s digital age, there are so many digital platforms that allow you to engage with a versatile range of video content from which you can not only learn but also get entertained. One of …


In today’s digital age, there are so many digital platforms that allow you to engage with a versatile range of video content from which you can not only learn but also get entertained. One of the largest video streaming platforms, YouTube, has emerged as one of the most used platforms to watch videos and upload new videos by content creators. People interact with their favorite content creator’s videos and show their appreciation in the form of likes and comments.

While views and likes undoubtedly play a crucial element for every content creator to be more authentic and credible, comments hold a unique significance in the progress of a YouTuber’s channel growth. The comments on YouTube serve as a direct connection of communication between content creators and their audience, which creates a sense of engagement, feedback, and community-building. However, getting comments on your YouTube videos can be a challenging task that requires a lot of effort and time to gain naturally.

Here comes buying YouTube comments, which will increase your natural growth rate, boost the popularity of your YouTube channel, and help you to grow faster. You must be wondering where to buy such magnificent promotional service safely and with great affordability. Well, we have done our research and crafted a detailed overview for you about the best sites to buy YouTube comments so that you can fuel up your journey toward the success of your channel. This approach of buying real and authentic comments with the ability of customization can bring you closer to becoming an influencer personality across the YouTube platform and opens many other productive opportunities for you.

In this discussion, we will discuss a few of the best and most trusted websites for you to purchase YouTube comments resiliently to make your content more visible and accessible across the platform. So, let us start to explore them and make it easier to kicks tart your growth on the YouTube platform.

Best Sites to Purchase YouTube Comments – Custom & Real:

When it comes to getting social growth service from any online service provider, one of the most important and must-have attributes is the authenticity of that provider. To keep that thing in mind, we have crafted a list of the best and most credible websites to get YouTube comments so that you can make it easy to become more visible on the YouTube platform without the risk of being banned by the platform. So, without wasting any other words, let us dive into the real discussion and crack the nuts of knowledge.

1. BoostHill – Our Top Choice to Get Custom Comments on YouTube:

While discussing the best site to buy YouTube comments, our first choice is BoostHill, which comes at the top of the list. This site offers a versatile form of social media growth services that can boost your interactions and engagements across the YouTube platform. The first reason for choosing this social YouTube growth service provider is that it allows you to engage with this platform in a simple manner, which increases your buying experience exponentially.

Whether you want to get custom comments on your YouTube videos or want to increase the number of organic engagements through random comments, they offer a versatile range of comment packages with affordability and quickness. They have established a trusted and authentic audience that they use to make your social image more credible and popular.

Moreover, when we come to discuss the process of buying comments from them, things get so easy and resilient. You just have to provide them with a few essential things to get your desired number of comments, such as your YouTube video link, the number of comments you want on your YouTube videos, and a list of your custom-made comments.

Once you provide them with these essential things, they will ask you to clear your payment with their safe and secure payment methods. Whether you want to pay with your credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin currency, they accept all these modes of transaction for your convenience. All these attributes make them our first choice to buy YouTube comments for the enlargement of video engagement and interactions.


  • They provide you with a secure and timely delivery.
  • The quality of their comments is top-notch.
  • It gives you a guarantee that the comments will not drop overnight
  • Secured website to get YouTube custom comments.

2. SocialWow – Your Credible YouTube Growth Partner:

Are you looking for a reliable way to supercharge your YouTube videos with real and authentic comments? Look no further than SocialWow, our second best site to buy YouTube comments. SocialWow has been in this industry for a long time and builds a strong network of satisfied customers who are the benchmark of this. They offer a wide range of social media services, including YouTube likes.

What sets SocialWow apart is their commitment to providing real comments that are on-drop and will remain on your video comment section until you have that video on the YouTube platform. This assures a consistent credibility increment and helps the algorithm YouTube to promote your videos to other related search results.

Furthermore, SocialWow offers you real and authentic YouTube comment services that allow you to get maximum exposure from the audience on your videos. Whether you want to buy random real comments or want to customize your comments, SocialWow caters to all your needs resiliently and with great affordability. They offered a variety of packages that resonated with your requirements and were pocket-friendly so that everyone could buy this magnificent, phenomenal growth service for the enlargement of their YouTube video reach and credibility.

One of the most amazing features of SocialWow is that it offers a money-back guarantee, which makes it one of the best sites to buy YouTube comments, costumes, and random. So, if you’re looking for an affordable and trustworthy source to maximize interactions on your YouTube videos, check out SocialWow. Following is an overview of the features of SocialWow for your quick understanding.


  • Offers experienced professionals to ensure the quality of their service
  • They offer real and authentic comments from real people on YouTube
  • Offers you to personalize your comments conveniently
  • Cost-effective YouTube comments
  • 24/7 customer support professionals
  • Offers you a money-back guarantee, which ensures their credibility

3. RealSubscribers.com – A Center of Real & Custom YouTube Comments:

When it comes to discussing our third-best YouTube comment service provider, RealSubscribers comes with a handy and secure approach. This website offers a comprehensive range of services, including likes, subscribers, and comments for YouTube, which makes it a versatile platform to get your desired YouTube service. In addition, they ensure that the comments you are purchasing from them are not generated by bots or computers; they provide you with carefully tailored comments according to your video, which segregates them from the other YouTube service providers. Additionally, they also offer you the ability to choose between customized comments or random ones so you can make your videos more authentic and credible.

The customized comments are tailored after deeply examining your targeted YouTube video, which ensures that the purchasing comments resonate with your targeted audience and look organic. On the other hand, if you want to target a broader approach, you can choose general comments that still maintain authenticity. These attributes make RealSubscribers a surviving provider of an authentic website to get YouTube comments.

Moreover, they also provide you with exceptional customer service to cater to your concerns about purchasing from them through a live chat on their website. This approach ensures a smooth and reliable experience of buying YouTube video comments.


  • Real People
  • Positive Comments
  • No Bots
  • Results start in 24-72 hours
  • Refill Guaranteed
  • SSL / Secure Methods
  • Will be Delivered in 3-4 weeks

4. UseViral – Your YouTube Visibility Enlargement Partner:

Another best website to get YouTube comments in our tailored list is UseViral. If you are looking for really good comments on your YouTube videos, whether you want them to be personalized or just random, you should definitely check out their service as they are already providing their service to a vast range of users that are evolving the way of their YouTube video engagements.

In addition, they offer you tailored comments along with general comments that will increase the popularity of your YouTube videos and help you establish a credible platform for your audience. UseViral service provider is a professional website that also provides you with high-quality YouTube comments that not only increase your authenticity but also help you to get a better ranking across the platform with the help of algorithmic promotion.


  • 100% Safe and Private
  • Provides you with 24/7 support
  • Real and high-quality YouTube comments
  • Offers 30-day refill guarantee

5. GetAFollower – Get 100% Real & Authentic Worldwide Comments:

In the list of our best sites to buy YouTube comments, GetAFollower comes at the fifth spot with all its magnificent service features and authenticity. It is a perfect choice for those who are eager to grow their YouTube channel and want to boost their presence on social media. GetAFollower is the ultimate partner for all your social media visibility enlargement needs. They also believe in using the power of technology and other social platforms to help you get your desired YouTube engagement goals.

In addition, GetAFollower doesn’t stop at YouTube as they offer a versatile range of other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitch growth services so that you can establish a credible and organic image across your digital presence around the globe. For your convenience, the offers a diverse range of packages that are specially tailored to your needs and requirements, and also, they are budget-friendly.

Moreover, they also ensure your safety and privacy by providing a secure website that is protected and safe for getting YouTube comments. With the help of the GetAFollower service provider, you do not need to worry about the quality of your comments as they offer you only top-notch custom and random comments along with the liberty to choose different emojis for a real and authentic look. So, if you’re looking to boost your online reputation and skyrocket your social media engagement, GetAFollower is one of the reliable service providers that you can count on.


  • They offer responsive customer service
  • Will never ask for your personal information
  • Multiple payment methods are available
  • Offers you a secure website
  • It provides you with a money-back guarantee or a refill facility

From the above discussion, you can learn about the best sites and their features so that you can choose one of them that suits your needs and budget. You might be thinking, why should you buy YouTube comments from them? Well, there are several reasons for doing so. In the next section of our discussion, you will get a detailed overview of the benefits of purchasing comments for your YouTube videos from the above-given service providers. Let us have a look at them.

Why Buy YouTube Comments?

When we come to talk about the benefits of buying YouTube comments, things get versatile. Whether it is about getting more visibility or crafting more credibility for your YouTube videos, there are several advantages to getting real and authentic YouTube comments on your videos. Here is a list of benefits that come to your plate while purchasing comments.

1. Improve Visibility:

When you get more comments on your videos, it makes your channel and videos easier to find. The reason is that YouTube’s algorithm notices this increased engagement rate and recommends your videos to other people, which boosts your overall content visibility.

2. Gain More Engagement:

People watch those videos resiliently that have an appropriate number of engagements, such as comments. That is why more comments will increase the chances of getting more engagement on your videos and attract more users to interact with your YouTube content.

3. Saves Time and Effort:

Rather than waiting for so long to get organic comments, buying them will cut down your efforts and time-taking scenarios and help you to achieve your desired success in a matter of a short time. In addition, with this approach, you can also pay attention to more attention-demanding matters to grow your YouTube channel.

4. Enhance Social Proof:

Social proof is one of the most important factors for a content creator on YouTube, and buying comments helps you build a solid social image and increase your reputation across the platform.

5. Rank Your Videos Higher:

The more you have comments on your YouTube videos, the more YouTube algorithms will detect it and start to promote your content to others due to that enlarged organic interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Get Banned By YouTube For Buying YouTube Comments?

No, you will not get banned for purchasing YouTube comments, as it is a secure and safe way to enlarge the visibility and credibility of your videos.

What Type of Comments Can I Buy?

From custom to random emojis, you can buy these types of comments that will be real and authentic, tailored according to your YouTube videos.


At the end of our discussion on the best sites to buy YouTube comments, we can conclude that the above-stated five websites provide premium social media services for the enlargement of your content visibility and authenticity. You can also learn about the features and different prices that they are offering you to fulfill your social media credibility enhancement needs. Moreover, you can also get the benefits of purchasing YouTube custom or random comments in this blog. So, read this guide and make it easier for you to choose the best YouTube growth service provider for your videos’ accessibility and visibility increment.

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