5 common questions one have about egg freezing

The female biological clock is real. After a certain age, it becomes challenging for women to get pregnant. It is not impossible, but the challenge is real. That is the reason women are choosing to …


The female biological clock is real. After a certain age, it becomes challenging for women to get pregnant. It is not impossible, but the challenge is real. That is the reason women are choosing to freeze their eggs. Because choosing to get pregnant when you are not physically or mentally ready is not right; it is not right to bring a child into the world when you are unsure about your partner. But sometimes, when the time is right for you, your body does not cooperate. The reason is simple. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever produce. Eggs, unlike male sperm, are not regenerative. Thus, women experience menopause, and their production of eggs stops after a while. It means the quality and quantity of eggs they have decreases with time. When you freeze the egg, its current quality is maintained until you can use it. So, if starting a family is not in your plan, think about egg freezing. For women considering this, having questions is normal. This blog tries to answer the most common questions about egg freezing you have in simple language.

Why egg freezing?

Egg freezing has multiple benefits for women. One such benefit is that the chances are higher if you plan to have delayed motherhood with egg freezing. Many women face challenges getting pregnant, irrespective of circumstances or age. But most women of 35 or older face difficulty getting pregnant as ovarian reserve reduces as they age. If you freeze eggs, you have a better chance of conceiving later. Also, freezing an egg at a young age ensures you do not face issues like miscarriage later.

What is the best age to freeze eggs?

It is a known fact that the quantity and quality of eggs decline as women age. So, to ensure you have the best chance of having a kid, freeze the age early on or before the decline starts. The fertility rate is highest in women when they are in their mid-20s. It starts declining after 30 and is at its highest after reaching 35. So, the best time to freeze your egg is in your early 30s. If you are sure of having kids but do not have a partner yet, you can freeze the egg after reaching 25. That said, even freezing the eggs at 36 is better than doing so at 40. Talk to an expert for a better understanding of the egg’s health.

Is the lab successful in giving birth using frozen eggs?

It is an essential question to have and ask when looking for clinics to freeze eggs. It’s because freezing the egg is only half the work. The other half of the work requires the clinic’s ability to thaw them to create embroideries. That, at last, will lead to a successful birth. If you are freezing the eggs, you want a baby. So, asking this question is necessary. Also, look at the labs and materials they use to ensure you have the best team working for you.

How do you know if you are eligible for egg freezing?

If you are a healthy woman with a normal level of hormones and are less than 40 years old, you are eligible. Your gynecologist can help you determine this, or even the egg-freezing clinics’ doctors can help determine if you are eligible.

Does the egg-freezing process remove all the eggs?

No! It rescues the egg, which otherwise is lost. To understand this, know that every woman has between one and two million eggs. Also known as oocytes, the immature egg or follicle becomes dominant when a woman’s eggs grow every month due to cohort. It ovulates, and the other non-dominant follicles are lost via atresia. So, in atresia, women lose most of their eggs. The procedure provides you with IVF medication that rescues the non-dominant follicles. The doctors collect them for cryopreservation using the egg retrieval method rescuing and freezing them.

Age should not stop you from becoming a mother. When you feel ready, having kids should not be a mental or physical issue. With egg freezing, fertility becomes easier for couples. Ensure you work with the best team of doctors and experts to freeze eggs and later procedures.

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