Some people end up with miserable rooms inside their homes, which usually involves a lack of light. It can be caused by the direction it’s facing, trees in your garden, or several other things that stop light from getting in.

You don’t need to live in the dark for the rest of your life. There are some effective ways to brighten up your rooms, which will depend on your budget. Let’s look at some ideas you should use if you’re sick of living in the shade.

1. Install A Mirror Stretch Ceiling

If you have a video game room in your home, it’s worth thinking about installing a mirror stretch ceiling. People tend to use multicolored LED lights to help spice things up, so mirrored ceilings will come in handy.

It will allow the colorful LED lights to bounce around even more than usual. Once you buy the panels from a company, everything will be installed by a professional. If you have DIY skills, it’s possible to do it yourself.

2. You Shouldn’t Hang Heavy Curtains

You will want to close your curtains once it starts getting dark, but it’s still not pitch black outside. Light can enter your rooms until it’s completely gone from the sky, but it won’t be able to get through heavy curtains.

If you hang lighter curtains, they will let in a small amount of light. It’s better than nothing if you must have privacy. If people can’t see into your windows from the street, wait until the last minute to close them.

3. Always Clean Your Windows Regularly

If you want to let as much light into your room as possible, you’ll need to ensure the windows are always clean. You can clean them from the inside every week. Just make sure you’re using the right cleaning materials.

You won’t be able to clean the glass panels on the outside unless you hire a window cleaner. It’s too dangerous to climb up ladders by yourself. Hiring a gardener to trim branches close to your windows will help too.

4. Hanging Mirrors On Different Walls

You don’t need to limit yourself to one mirror when trying to add light to your room. It’s a good idea to put one near the window because sunlight will bounce off it easily, but spread a few more around your rooms if possible.

The trick is to invest in beautiful ornamental ones, so it doesn’t make your rooms look cheap. I bet you’ll find some good mirrors in antique shops. If you want to spice things up, try to hang the mirrors at different heights.

5. Paint Your Room Using Bright Colors

It doesn’t matter how much light comes in through your windows if your walls are dark. The colors you choose will have a huge impact on brightness, so stick to light colors where possible. Don’t think it’s limited to your walls.

If you have carpets on the floors, ensure you opt for a bright color. Lay bright rugs on the ground if you have wooden flooring. Limit the amount of dark furniture and appliances in each room because every little helps.

Every Touch Of Light Helps

A little touch of light could help brighten your rooms to an acceptable level, so try out some of the techniques we’ve talked about today.