Image via Flickr by Menswear Market

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, you might add elements from various fashion aesthetics. Having an aesthetic can really define your style and make your clothing unique. While there are several trendy fashion aesthetics, not all of them will fit your personal style. Take a look at these five latest fashion aesthetics to determine what belongs in your closet.

Dark Academia Aesthetic

You can characterize dark academia with the phrase “the pursuit of knowledge.” In other words, it involves self-discovery and learning about new subjects. The style itself is dark yet preppy, with a palette of blacks, dark browns, deep greens, and burgundies. The dark academia aesthetic uses minimal patterns, and a popular choice for this fashion is plaid. This aesthetic reflects the fall season. To dress in dark academia, try pairing a pleated mini skirt with a matching sweater. Chunky boots like Dr. Martens are popular in this aesthetic.

Normcore Aesthetic

The normcore aesthetic is exactly how it sounds only more stylish and dressed up. If you like to dress in a more plain and relaxed style, then this aesthetic might be for you. Common components for normcore include neutral tones, loose-fitting tops, cropped gilets, and retro pants like mom or dad jeans. These items come together to form a simple yet trendy outfit. You can style yourself in normcore with a basic tee and loose-fitting pants. Throw on some sneakers and a jean jacket to finish the look.

Desertwave Aesthetic

The desertwave aesthetic is a unique look that’s based on the desert and similar motifs. Simply put, desertwave replicates the sandy, earth-colored landscape. The clothing you’d wear for this aesthetic may also mimic what you’d actually wear in a desert on a hot day: loose-fitting clothing with short or flowing sleeves. Start with a long, cascading skirt that’s a muted color, like beige, sand, or pale peach. Add a white top that’s either sleeveless, a tank top, or has fluttering sleeves. Try adding leather boots, sandals, belts, or a wide-brimmed hat.

Weirdcore Aesthetic

Weirdcore doesn’t subscribe to conformity. As it’s named, it’s different and odd. Weirdcore is usually dark and centers around surreal imagery. Think eyeballs, flowers, and skeletons. This clothing aesthetic uses dark colors, quirky images, and thought-provoking captions. Graphic tee shirts are a staple in weirdcore. This aesthetic also uses other comfortable clothing. To dress in weirdcore, find an unsettling tee shirt with disturbing imagery or words on it. Pair that with either baggy jeans or a plaid miniskirt. Finally, accessorize with a thick black choker and dark eye makeup.

Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore is a popular aesthetic that uses florals, delicate patterns, and light, earthy colors. This aesthetic is soft and whimsical, and it will make you feel like you’re straight from a fairytale. Some staples of this aesthetic include flowing dresses, loose overalls, and oversized sweaters and cardigans. In terms of colors, cottagecore is earthy, so use browns and greens, while also adding pastels like pale yellow, baby blue, and powder pink. You can accessorize with flower or nature headbands, barrettes, and jewelry.

Having a fashion aesthetic can personalize your style. From dark academia to cottagecore, there are several styles to choose from. Now you can decide how to upgrade your look and what to incorporate into your wardrobe.