5 House Painting Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room

Living rooms are the heart of your house. If you decorate them right, they can liven up the ambiance of the place. While there are various ways to decorate your living rooms, one thing that’s …


Living rooms are the heart of your house. If you decorate them right, they can liven up the ambiance of the place. While there are various ways to decorate your living rooms, one thing that’s the best of all is house wall art paintings. 

House wall art paintings are canvas prints that beautifully capture sceneries of houses, nature, and landscapes. Their serene and warm colors set a welcoming tone in your living room. So, those are a must-have! 

Looking for some inspiration to buy house paintings for your living room? Try out these ideas:

Beach Cruises II Wall Art

While selecting a house painting for your living room, you will get a lot of options. But there isn’t anything as amazing as bringing the serene beaches to your place! If you love beaches and can’t get enough of your beach house, you can try out a house wall art painting with beach cruises. 

 Source: Elephantstock

Blue sky, the ocean, sand, and a house! This painting perfectly illustrates “one fine day, at a beach.” What adds more oomph to the picture is the bicycle! It clearly reflects the simplicity of the painting without being tedious. Also, the subtle shades of yellow, blue, and green are ideal for both dark and light-shaded living room walls. 

Old Watermill Wall Art

If you are all hearts to vintage paintings, then this one’s a keeper! Look at the picture below. Doesn’t it remind you of the good old days when nature was dominant? 

 Source: Elephantstock

The attractive orange color mirrors the sunset, which is absolutely soothing to the eyes! Then there is the old watermill that adds antiquity to the painting. 

Also, the flawless river flowing right at the front of the windmill combines well with all other parts of the scenery. All in all, if you want the fall to come a little early, this house wall art painting is the best for you.     

Island Cliffs Wall Art

The next house wall art painting idea is the perfect combination of nature and vibrancy in one place. What’s not to like in this one? The mangroves, the sea, the green hills, and the long staircases leading to the houses, everything is just on point. 

 Source: Elephantstock

The boats on the sea add even more authenticity to the painting. Also, the yellow and pink colors of the house contrast with the background. At one glance, it looks like a place that we all want to visit atleast once!

Tip: You can team up this house wall art painting with real plants in your living room. The combination of both looks absolutely terrific!

Frozen Night Wall Art

If you are a fan of snowfalls and winters, then this house wall art painting needs to be in your living room. The painting captures a winter night in an area covered with snow, Christmas trees, and a big bright moon. 

 Source: Elephantstock

The joyous ambiance of the painting instantly takes you to the Christmas times, when everyone is happy and enjoying. The people skating amidst the snowfall and the colorful houses add stunning hues to the painting. This one’s perfect painting if you want a little taste of the festive season! 

Tropical Vacation Home Wall Art

Missing those perfect vacay at the heart of nature? How about adding this tropical vacation home painting to your living room? 

 Source: Elephantstock

The beautiful house with the tropical greenery and the blue sky is the ideal definition of your dream vacation. Also, the cyan-colored water with boats takes you to the fun time of boating with friends/family. 

The best thing about this house wall art painting is the burst of refreshing colors. It’s so lively that you can contrast it with all kinds of wall shades. But, we recommend you try it with light-colored walls as it highlights this painting flawlessly. 

Decorate It Right!

That’s about it! You can try the exact house wall art painting ideas as above or brainstorm and think of a genre that contrasts with your living room. Add in some other decoratives (like ethnic clocks, showpieces, etc.) with these paintings, and you are good to go!

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