Are you happy with the size of your home right now? You’re probably scared to buy a new property because the market is going crazy, but you don’t need to worry. You can increase the size of your current house instead.

It’s possible to knock down a few walls to create an open-plan house, but that will only create the illusion of being larger. Let’s look at proper ways to increase the square footage if you have enough savings.

1. An Overhaul Of Your Basement

Guy Solomon says many customers are looking to create something useful in their basements thanks to the money they’ve saved during the pandemic. One of the most popular things everyone seems to be getting is a home office.

The basement is a great place to work because it’s spacious and quiet. It can also be used as a bedroom if your children still share one. If you throw all your junk downstairs, you’re wasting a big piece of living space.

2. Increasing The Basement Height

Basement renovations in Ottawa could include increasing the height of the ceiling, which is done by altering the foundations of your home. It’s worth the effort if you have a gym downstairs because extra height is wonderful.

You can swing weights around without worrying about putting holes in your ceilings, and you’ll be able to do chin-ups without bending your legs. Think about what you want to do with the basement before deciding anything.

3. Knocking Down Your Entire Home

It’s possible to hire a demolition company to bring your home crashing to the ground. Once it’s demolished, you’ll get to build a new house from scratch. You can tell the architect to add a few extra bedrooms.

The exact square footage you’ll have will depend on a few things. Firstly, you’ll need enough land for the building of your dreams. You will also need planning permission unless you’re prepared to destroy it twice.

4. Adding Extension To Living Room

You probably spend more time in your living room than anywhere else at home. That doesn’t include the hours you spend sleeping in bed every night. The room has to be big enough for everyone in your family, including pets.

Adding an extension to the end of your living room is a good idea. If you build a sunroom, you can relax with the sun shining on you in summer. It will help keep your home bright at night once it starts getting dark.

5. Create An Outdoor Living Area

An outdoor living area has a roof, so it’s technically an extra room. If you install patio doors that open onto the outdoor space, it will feel like an extension of your home if you keep the doors open when it’s warm.

It’s a good place to put a firepit if you want somewhere relaxing to sit at night. Some people go one step further by adding a kitchen to their outdoor living area. You should have a barbeque set up at the very least.

A Bigger Home Without Moving

If you find a way to increase the size of your home without moving, it’s definitely worth considering. You might love the area where you live, so why risk ending up somewhere you hate?