5 Personalized Decor Must-Haves for Your Home

Whether you’re moving into a new home or remodeling your current one, creating a whole new decor scheme is no easy task. You need to think about the size and the aesthetic – not to …


Whether you’re moving into a new home or remodeling your current one, creating a whole new decor scheme is no easy task. You need to think about the size and the aesthetic – not to mention the price – of every individual decor feature, and to find a way to tie them all together into a coherent whole that makes your space feel cozy and homely. So where to start? We recommend developing a look based on a few personalized decor features – one-off items that will give your home a unique character. Read on for a quick introduction to personalized home decor!

#1. Custom Posters for Easy Decor Upgrades

Posters are wall art classics – and these days they can be used for so much more than just teenagers’ bedrooms and student dorms.

A custom poster printed on top-quality photo paper and designed in timeless style can be a premium wall art feature in itself. Lightweight yet hard-wearing, posters are ideal if you’re doing your very first home makeover – they can be hung on the wall easily using just double-sided tape or putty.

Posters let you experiment with different wall positions without the need to drill holes. And best of all, photo posters are wonderfully affordable – probably one of the cheapest wall art features available these days.

#2. Canvas Prints for Artistic Wall Art Displays

If you’re looking for wall art with a distinguished, artistic design then canvas prints should be your first choice. Inspired by classic oil paintings, canvas prints can turn any photo you choose into a bold statement piece – they come wrapped over a frame that supports the canvas fabric from the inside, giving the print a robust physical presence. This means canvas prints can be hung on the wall or simply leant against a vertical surface.

So how much do they cost? Depending on the provider and size format you choose, canvas print prices vary from just a few dollars up to several hundred. Do a bit of searching around and you’ll be able to find cheap canvas prints produced to the highest standards – look for a reputable provider with excellent feedback on review sites and you could save hundreds of dollars on your wall makeover projects.

#3. Photo Blankets for Cuddly Evenings

Wall art isn’t the only way to personalize your interior decor – these days you can print your photos on home textiles too. If you love spending evenings on the sofa cuddling under a blanket, why not get yourself a personalized blanket with a full-area print of your photo?

Look for a high-quality photo blanket made from plush, fleece, or a combination of the two, and make sure that the blanket is machine-washable – reputable providers should include care instructions in the product description.

#4. Photo Pillows for Fun Interior Accents

Sofas and easy chairs can look quite bare without some accessories to layer them up. Fleece blankets can be a wonderful addition to your room’s decor scheme, but you’ll probably want to store them away in the warmer seasons.

But throw pillows are suitable for decoration all year long – and you can easily change your pillow set whenever you fancy a fresh look. And if you go for personalized pillows, you can be as creative as you want – just upload the designs of your choice to an online provider, and you’ll get unique decor features that will help you make your living room truly reflect your personality.

#5. Photo Mugs for Invigorating Coffee Breaks

Most of us have got plenty of mugs at home already – but many of them leave a lot to be desired as decor statements! Custom mugs that come printed with the photo of your choice are the easiest way to add personal touches to your home. These aren’t mugs to keep hidden away in a cupboard, they’re made to be displayed on a shelf, giving your kitchen a vibrant pop of color!


Ready to take your first steps in personalized decor? Then you’ll need to find a trusted printing provider with a wide product range and affordable prices. Our top pick is CANVASDISCOUNT.com, a popular brand specializing in personalized printing. CANVASDISCOUNT products sell at factory prices – their entry price for canvas prints is just $5, so you can start your home makeover adventure without worrying about overshooting your budget!

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