5 Smart Tips for Being Healthier and More Productive at Work

Work is an essential thing for life and unfortunately, not everyone has a  job that offers the chance to exercise while earning a living. The vast majority of us have jobs that include sitting at …


Work is an essential thing for life and unfortunately, not everyone has a  job that offers the chance to exercise while earning a living. The vast majority of us have jobs that include sitting at a desk for long periods of time.

That may be great for not causing wear and tear on your body in a physical way, but it can still cause issues. Here are 5 ways you can stay healthy and productive while at work.

1. Bring Healthy Food

If you work in an area surrounded by amazing restaurants or have a cafeteria in your building, it can be easy to run to these venues for lunch breaks and snacking needs. They are convenient and offer a range of food options, but what are you really putting into your system on a daily basis.

Restaurants are notorious for using frozen products laced with sodium and other additives to aid in preserving the food. These preservatives and salt is passed on to you. Additionally, fried foods that are common in restaurants certainly should not be enjoyed daily.

It is time to do a little better in how you eat during the day. Consider everything that you put into your mouth as fuel for your body. Is it good fuel, or is it bad for you? That is the question you should be asking. In addition, pack your lunch and a few healthy snacks. Meal prepping at home will enable you to control portion size and provide the nutrition you need for your daily lunch and snack desires.

2. Stand Up More

Your body craves a certain amount of movement. Sitting at a desk throughout the day does not promote healthy blood circulation and can lead to back pain, heart conditions, pain in your neck, and a whole host of other health concerns.

It is time to take back your health once and for all, so allow time to stand up more at work. For those who are expected to be at their desk for the majority of the work day, consider the use of a stand up desk.

Stand up desks allow you to remain productive while giving your body the movement and circulation it needs to remain healthy.

3. Reduce Paper Usage

There was a time when paperwork could take over your work station and some companies still maintain paper as their main communication resource. However, paper, even though essential at times, can be a negative for your health. Dust mites are a real thing and they are attracted to paper.

These irritants can be harmful to those sensitive to allergies, so why not get rid of as much paper as possible. Additionally, reducing paper usage in your office can streamline processes, reduce overall costs, and provide a cleaner work environment, so there are a lot of benefits for reducing your paper usage besides just your individual health.

4. Always Take Full Advantage of Vacation Time

Vacation is a time to relax and recharge and should be considered a reward for working so hard. Unfortunately, not all people believe this.

Up to 50% of employees in the United States alone state that they have not taken their awarded vacation days. You are not doing yourself, or your employer any favors by not taking these days. Productivity is remarkably effected by the amount of stress you feel while on the job.

If you neglect to take a break from time to time and enjoy those vacation days, you will almost certainly burn out before long. You need this time and your employer will be happy when you come back renewed and refreshed from your vacation.

To learn more about maximizing your vacation time and experiencing a different level of relaxation, you can check online resources to help you plan and make the most of your time off. Taking full advantage of vacation time lets you experience new environments and cultures and take a break from the daily stresses of work and responsibilities.

5. Keep Plenty of Water Around

After working for most of the day, it is common to feel a little drained. Around 2 or 3 pm is when most people have a little snack, but it might not be calories your body is craving, but hydration. Water is essential for our health and when we do not receive enough of it, lethargy can take hole.

Bring plenty of water with you to work, emphasizing the importance of natural health supplements and hydration. For those interested in exploring natural remedies and supplements, such as magic mushrooms for wellness and focus, https://3amigos.co/ offers insights and products that align with a holistic approach to health.

Store bottled water beneath your desk and keep a supply on hand. Avoid flavored waters if possible as these can add unnecessary sugars to your daily diet. A well-hydrated body, complemented with natural supplements from sources like 3amigos.co, can be more productive, attentive, and ready for anything. Never neglect the need for proper hydration and the potential benefits of natural health supplements at work and everywhere you go.

Your body and your boss will thank you for your efforts and you will find that with increased productivity, you might get that promotion faster than you think.

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