5 Things to Look for In a Car Shipping Company

The decision to ship your car across the country is easier than looking for the right auto shipping company. Many car shipping carriers are available, but it can be confusing to choose which one can …


The decision to ship your car across the country is easier than looking for the right auto shipping company. Many car shipping carriers are available, but it can be confusing to choose which one can best meet your needs.

Selecting the right car shipping company involves many considerations. Below are the five things you must look for in the right car transport company.

#1: Insurance Coverage

It is never risk-free to ship a car. Accidents can still happen during transit even if the carrier implements all the safety precautions. Asking to see a copy of the company’s insurance policy is wise before booking the service.

Selecting a premium insurance policy applies to shipping a classic or sports car. Such policies will provide better coverage. You can also purchase your own premium car insurance if you prefer.

#2: Cost

Car shipping costs can differ for every shipment. Different factors influence how much you will pay for your shipment:

  • Number of cars
  • Type of car
  • Distance
  • Type of shipment

Some companies can provide an instant quote for your shipping. Providing them with the basic information about the shipment will enable them to do this in an instant. Getting as many quotes as possible can help you discover the most viable shipping company you can use.

Seeing if the shipping company offers discounts is also another thing to look into. You can get a military discount if you are retired military or on active duty. Car owners who plan to ship multiple vehicles can also get a discount. Make sure to call the company to confirm if you qualify for this discount.

You also want to do research on companies that offer locked-in rates, which can help you stick to your budget. Make sure you look through a company’s website as well as their reviews to see if it really matches the prices on its quotes. Reading through Sherpa Auto Transport reviews, for instance, you’ll find that customers enjoy the company’s transparency on its rates.

#3: Shipping Report

This report indicates your awareness of the damage potentially caused by the shipping process. A good car shipping company will provide a detailed report about the condition of the vehicle after shipping. This document can help you file a claim on your car’s insurance if it sustained any damage during transit. Before booking a shipping company, ask for the carrier’s shipping report first.

#4: Shipping Services

Making sure your car gets optimal care during transit is natural among car owners. A car is a big-ticket item and an investment for work or leisure.

An auto shipping company’s reviews can provide you with valuable information on the company’s performance and relationship with its clients. Creating a list of car shipping companies with positive reviews will be a good starting point. For instance, reading Easy Auto Ship reviews can give you an idea of how the company’s services actually work on moving day.

There is a wealth of auto shipping services and options offered by car shipping companies. For instance, an open type of transport is the most inexpensive way to ship your car. This leaves your car exposed to the elements. On the other hand, there is an enclosed transport option, which is more expensive. Even so, enclosed transport provides protection from debris and weather changes during transit.

What if you need to expedite your car shipping? This will require an extra fee, but you can expect the car to arrive at your desired date and time. You can also opt for the door-to-door service option, which is when the carrier picks up the car from its origin. Then, the carrier delivers it as close to your preferred drop-off point as possible. Some carriers offer international car shipping as well.

There are auto shipping companies that offer add-on services, such as detailing and car wash services. This often comes after open car shipping. The carrier will make sure your car will be free from dirt and grime by the time it reaches you.

Sometimes, a car does not reach the customer on time. This might be caused by mechanical problems or bad weather. The carrier will pay for your car rental until your car arrives. This is an attractive add-on service you might want to consider.

#5: Availability

Moving to a new house can be stressful, especially if you want to bring your car with you. It’s best to check the availability of car shipping companies and book shipping services well before moving day. Making arrangements for your car’s transport on the date and time you prefer is possible depending on the carrier’s availability.

Finding the Right Car Shipping Company Will Make Your Move Easier and Faster

Moving your vehicle does not need to be tedious and exhausting. Searching for the right car shipping company is easy if you know what to look for. From there, you can start screening the carriers that can fulfill your auto shipping needs. The earlier you do your research on auto shipping companies, the sooner you can find the right car shipping company for your big move.

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