As humans, we are bound to be faced with some situations that can adversely affect our mood. You can do a whole lot to lighten your spouse’s mood when faced with these situations. We bet that you want tips to help cheer up your spouse and so you should continue reading as 5 tips are shared here.

1. Activate Your Listening Ears

Of course, there is that part where you have to advise your spouse on the need to become and remain cheerful. However, listen first in order not to get ahead of yourself.

Taking out time to listen to the reasons for your spouse’s sad mood would ensure you can pick on certain points. This will help you address them when encouraging your spouse with your soothing words.

So, do not be too eager to talk that you forget or even refuse to listen. Besides, having someone listen sincerely can lessen the burden being felt even if slightly. For this reason, activate your listening ears.

2. Excite Your Partner Sexually

Just so you know, there is power in sex (and a great one at that). There is something about the hormones released during sex that relieves people going through a bad day or a bad situation. So, make the most of sex for this reason.

The tricky part is how your partner might not be given to sex at first. So, start with sincere listening (as explained above) then move on to the kissing and hugs and nature should take its course.

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3. Offer a Personalized Massage

A personalized massage can help a lot. This is because the massage therapist in question (however amateur), is concerned about what the situation is and wants to help. This is why you are advised to offer the massage yourself.

And mind you, this personalized massage can be a great prelude to great sex. Seeing how sex can help cheer up your partner, a personalized massage is a great way to set the mood for what is to come next.

Just make sure to learn the areas to touch, the right time to touch, and how best to touch those areas. For the record, this is something you can learn if you put your mind to it.

4. Avoid the Worrying Subjects

If you are indeed sincere about your desire to cheer up your spouse, here is something you must understand. It is that there is the right thing to say and the right time to say it.  You miss out on any one or both of these and your chances of cheering up your spouse are very little or null.

For this reason, this is not the time to bring up worrying topics. Doing such will only complicate things and this is not what you want.

5. Continuously Offer Compliments

Other than just avoiding worrying subjects, you should dwell on the positive things. Tell your spouse how there is the need to be excited considering certain things.

But there is more to do as you should also be deliberate about complimenting your spouse. Be detailed enough to highlight things that you appreciate about your spouse and make sure to say them often.