While you probably love and cherish your mom every day, Mother’s Day may cause you a little added stress. But remember, your mother loves you with all her heart and all she wants is for you to speak from your heart. In doing so, you’ll find the perfect way to thank her for everything she does.

But if you need a little help finding inspiration, here are 5 ways you can thank your amazing mom.

1. Bring her flowers

She’ll tell you no, that they’re too expensive, and that they’ll fade away. But deep inside, it would brighten her heart to see fresh flowers on her dining table. Even better, bring them to her and spend time with her. Or get her jewelry with flowers on it, something that will never wilt away.

2. Show her nothing is impossible

Your mom’s faith in you has never wavered from day one. She could move mountains for you with her strength, and now it’s your chance to show her you’d do it for her too. If you live near the mountains, plan a hike with a picnic. You can also choose a restaurant that overlooks the mountains. She’ll be impressed with the strength she’s taught you to carry so well.

3. Remind her of hope

It’s been a rough ride for everyone on the planet these last few years. It may feel like it’s always raining, but your mom has always put that sunny side on for you. But when the rain can’t be stopped, she’ll always point to that rainbow ring. She’s always given you hope that good things will come, so remind her of the blessings she’s given to you in the most colorful of ways.

4. Write a poem just for her

When Mom says she doesn’t want anything, that just means she doesn’t want you to spend anything on her. Or get her something she doesn’t need. But sometimes, we all need something even if we don’t ask for it. You don’t have to be a gifted writer, but a poem from the heart will be something your mom will always treasure dearly.

5. Create a tie that binds

You’ll be connected forever with your mother. You’ve got her wrapped around your finger, but let her wrap around yours too. Mother Daughter Knot Ring  is a symbolic way to show your mother that your love is infinite because they have no beginning and no end. With a square knot in a ring or other piece of jewelry, it creates a lasting gesture of love that will always stay with her.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom is one that shows your whole heart to her. Whatever you choose, make sure it is a symbol of your gratitude for all the sacrifices she’s made to bring you joy.