6 Amazing Benefits of Partner Yoga You Do Not Want to Miss Out

Yoga, the practice that combines body, mind, and soul, is traditionally an individual practice. However, with time, the practice has changed. Now, practicing yoga with a partner is becoming more common. Whether it is a …

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Yoga, the practice that combines body, mind, and soul, is traditionally an individual practice. However, with time, the practice has changed. Now, practicing yoga with a partner is becoming more common. Whether it is a friend or your spouse, partner yoga has many benefits. For instance, it can foster communication, vulnerability, and trust between the two. It can foster communication for a couple, as even when you have differences, you have to put them aside. It requires focus. Otherwise, you two can lose balance and hurt yourselves.

But what is partner yoga? In simple terms, yoga is something you perform with a partner. It is regular yoga poses only, but partners take support from each other. They do it by holding hands or supporting each other from front to back, back to back, or side to side. It is also helpful in creating a bond with your partner. It also makes performing yoga fun and exciting. Here are a few other benefits of doing partner yoga.

It enhances communication

What is the key to a happy relationship? Communication! Without communication, miscommunication only increases and leads to an unhappy marriage or friendship. With partner yoga, you improve communication between you two. When you two are performing yoga at the hip, you must listen to your partner’s non-verbal and verbal cues. Otherwise, achieving synchronized asanas isn’t possible. Take yoga classes in your local area, and you will see improved communication in all aspects of your relationship. Yoga classes Melbourne for local couples looking to improve communication are ideal.

It helps enhance self-awareness and focus.

Without concentration or focus, performing any yoga pose correctly is impossible. It only leads to injuries. With partner yoga, you are at risk of injuring not just yourself but your partner too. And you do not want that! You do not want to hurt your partner physically or emotionally. Thus, you become more focused on what and how you do the asanas. You become self-aware. It ensures you perform the poses correctly to not injure your partner. Also, being self-aware ensures you can recognize the feelings you presently feel.

It helps reduce anxiety or stress.

Yoga is known to reduce anxiety and stress. If you feel tension in your body or mind, go for yoga. Or if you feel stress between you and your partner, partner yoga is excellent for you two. Partner yoga for reducing stress or anxiety is perfect. It helps you both create a connection, helping you forget the things stressing you out. Even performing it with a friend helps to relieve stress. As there is an aspect of touch, it greatly reduces anxiety and stress. The reason? The touch of a person you trust helps you feel nurtured, loved, and cared for.

It improves stretching

With partner yoga, you can deepen the impact of any yoga posture. That too without pain! It happens because the body weight of one partner helps increase the pressure of the asana you are doing. Without too much pressure on one person, it leads to less pain.

It helps you let go.

Everyone has days when life gets overwhelming. Taking the frustration out on your partner during such phases is too tempting. It can lead to devastating consequences. The better solution is to perform partner yoga. As you work together to perform an asana, you learn to relinquish your day’s frustration. You have fun as you try to do the temple pose correctly without falling. You laugh, and the furry friend melts. It is not only better for your health but for your relationships too.

It is perfect for intimacy.

Every relationship goes through rough or dry patches. There is a lack of physical and emotional intimacy. With partner yoga, you perform multiple poses together. It can help loosen the conflict you two have and improve intimacy.

Want to start your journey of partner yoga? Here are a few partner yoga asanas to try, but learning them under an expert ensures better benefits.

If you think partner yoga is just for you and your spouse. You are wrong! Use this beautiful form of full-body workout to enhance other relationships. Be it friendship or a sibling bond, Other than your physical body, relationships will improve too.

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