Legalizing recreational and medical cannabis across some states has allowed most users to be accustomed to buying marijuana in dispensaries. Even more intriguing is the chance that cannabis legalization has created for medical patients and adults to grow marijuana at home.

Although the regulations, laws, and limitations are different for every state, nearly all of them allow growing cannabis at home to some extent. If you live in a state that allows the cultivation of cannabis at home, here are easy ways to grow quality marijuana:

1. Consider a Clean Space

Ensure your space is cleaned and sanitized properly. This is because there are inherent risks that contaminants and pests pose. Messy spaces also invite mold, pathogens, and harmful bacteria. The best course of action is to plan bi-weekly cleaning and stick to the routine.

Cannabis plants are basically bio accumulators – meaning they suck up everything, both in the soil and the air. So it is important to ensure the surrounding is clean to keep potential contaminants out.

2. Provide Proper Ventilation

Cannabis plants need air to breathe. To make sure your plants are healthy, place them in a natural or artificial ventilated space.

However, your plants will not be adequately ventilated if you blast them with a fan the whole day. If you prefer growing cannabis indoors, ensure the plants are indirectly fanned.

3. Buy Seeds

Like flowers, edibles, and concentrates, marijuana seeds are considered cannabis products. Basically, this means the legality of cannabis seed depends on the legality of your state.

If you live in a state that has legalized medical marijuana, you can buy seeds using a medical card. Many renowned seed banks, such as ILGM, allows you to order seeds online. The best part is that you can compare all the details of marijuana seeds, including:

  • Regular
  • Auto-flowering
  • Feminized

4. Write Notes and Take Some Pictures

If you are a beginner, it would be important to document every phase of growth. This includes taking a lot of pictures and writing notes of the problem your plants face.

These pictures and notes are helpful will serve as a reference for all your future growth. Plus, they will alert you to developing problems before they become serious.

5. Work with the Right Lighting

Growing cannabis indoors needs more care and attention, so one aspect you shouldn’t overlook is lighting. Outdoor cannabis plants have the advantage of getting natural light directly from the sun.

However, if you grow cannabis indoors, you must make up for the absence of this natural light. You can achieve this by investing in high-quality hoods, lights, reflectors, and ballast.

6. Supply the Correct Amount of Fertilizer

The right amount of fertilizers enables your cannabis plants to grow leafy, tall, and strong. However, fertilizer supply will be less useful when the plants reach the flowering stage.

Plus, supplying a high amount of fertilizer can lower the concentration of essential cannabinoids that people depend on the medicinal properties.

Concluding Thoughts!

A perfect place to grow marijuana is indoors. You will have full control over everything, including lighting, a clean environment, and ventilation.

In addition, even when you make some mistakes and fail to provide all the requirements, you will still harvest quality cannabis because the plant is resilient.