6 Essential Beard Care Products For Summer

In the same way, it’s essential to switch up your skincare for the winter and summer seasons; it’s critical to care for your beard differently in the summer too. It’s no secret that grooming is …


In the same way, it’s essential to switch up your skincare for the winter and summer seasons; it’s critical to care for your beard differently in the summer too. It’s no secret that grooming is key to looking and feeling great and your beard’s grooming routine needs a little extra TLC in the summertime. Whether you’re growing out a full beard and mutton chops or just a goatee, keep reading to learn some of the best beard care products to incorporate into your summer routine.

Beard Shampoo

Summer is the season where we’re all spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying activities we love – and most of those activities make us sweat. In the same way you need to wash your hair and body after sweating a lot, you need to wash your beard. If you haven’t already found a beard shampoo you love, it’s worth shopping around for one. While you may be tempted to use your regular shampoo designed for your head, opt for a beard-specific one. Regular hair shampoos can be drying, which will irritate the skin underneath your beard.

A Brush

Depending on the length of your facial hair, you may or may not already have a beard brush. The truth is, all facial hair lengths can benefit from a good comb through. Combing your hair stimulates new growth, but it also gets rid of loose hairs in your beard. Additionally, combing is a quick and easy way to shape your facial hair if you have a fuller beard or goatee. While there are plenty of beard combs on the market, a small fine-tooth hair comb works just as well if you’re looking for a budget-friendly beard comb.

Growth Serums

Though beards have been having a significant moment over the last decade, there’s nothing wrong if you’re just now deciding to join the party. If you’re working towards a full, beautiful beard and struggling to get there, a beard growth kit will help you cross the finish line. Most of the kits not only come with serums that will help you grow the burliest beard you can imagine, they include all you need to maintain the beard when you achieve it.

Scented Oils

While there’s nothing wrong with spending money on oil specifically formulated for your beard – in fact, it’s not a bad idea – you can also use any carrier oil and essential oils. Most beards naturally feel a little rough and coarse, but that’s not a good thing! You want your beard to be soft and smell great, just like the hair on your head. Daily beard oil isn’t necessary if you’re prone to breakouts and oily skin, but anytime you shampoo and comb your beard, add a small amount of scented oil to your palms and apply it to your beard.

Precise Trimmers

Going to the barbershop is an experience that many men look forward to every couple of weeks. Your barber (if you have a regular one) is like a family member! It’s hard to find someone you trust with your head of hair, let alone your beard – but it’s worth asking for recommendations and trying out barbers until you find someone who trims your hair and beard the way you want it. In between visits, it’s good to know how to cut your beard. Investing in the right tools makes all the difference in the world regarding how long it takes to trim and the outcome. Shop for trimmers made specifically for your beard and face. Most supply stores have generous return policies with items of this nature, so don’t be discouraged if you have to return a few pairs before you find your holy grain product.

Beard Balm

Using a balm on your beard and mustache is the cherry on top of any grooming routine. Make sure you use a balm that doesn’t crust and flake or irritate your skin. Beard balms made with natural ingredients are the way to go as you can trust they won’t damage the hairs in your beard either.

Taking care of your beard is a commitment but pays for itself every time you look in the mirror and see your healthy, well-maintained facial hair. If you need a refresher on what to use or a shopping list, the items mentioned earlier are essential to taking care of your beard this summer. Enjoy!

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