Christmas is coming, but don’t let it come to an end without lots of fun for your family and relatives. Start planning earlier to make that special Christmas night much more exciting and memorable with that in your mind. Below are some of the Christmas games you can engage your family, friend, neighbors, and relatives to play. They include;

1. Trivia Quiz Games & Christmas Fun Facts

Christmas fun facts and Trivia quizzes are great and the best games for Christmas night with your family, friends, and relatives. You can come up with Christmas questions or browse them and make them memorable for Christmas night. This is because Christmas trivia questions will challenge them to recall many details about Christmas and remind them of the cherished moments of each Christmas that have passed.

However, incorporating Christmas trivia night, questions include easy and challenging questions to make it more fun for kids and adults. It can help the kids feel joyful and free to mingle with adults since it is their night. Nevertheless, you may also reward kids gifts for every question they get right to make it even more fun and memorable.

2. Christmas Movie Trivia

Besides questions, you can also find someone knowledgeable with the best Christmas questions covering the best traditional and modern Christmas movies to engage adults’ and kids’ attention. Remember, this game is meant to make the night fun and lively, so all the parents should help their kids solve the questions. Another idea is to divide into two groups and play against each other while every group tries to answer as many questions as possible. If you need some Christmas questions, you can find them in this Christmas movie trivia quiz.

3. Christmas Charades

This game is fun but also mentally stimulating for both kids and adults. The players for this game act out Christmas words and one of the members guesses the Christmas word before the time runs out. However, while playing this game, you should also get Pictionary words to make the game easy to act because you will have more Christmas words to act.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

From Trivia questions, you may also be creative and ask three questions, two are facts, and one is a lie, and the audience will who gets it correct gets a reward/gift or battle for one gift that would be awarded according to points. This game can work for both adults and kids; however, kids should be awarded even if they have lower points to avoid rivalry.

5. Jingle Bell Toss

Jingle bell toss is also a more entertaining and practical game that requires your ultimate tossing ability and is suitable for everyone despite age. Everyone would be awarded a score or point according to the numbers of jingle bells they have tossed in the hot glue cup to aboard.

6. Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

This game is meant for adults because it involves drinking wine or any other similar drink. Only for over 18! With this game, go through the alphabet in a circle as each person say a Christmas-related name, song, item, and many provided it is related to Christmas whoever hesitates to answer or goes blank drinks a short.

So, these were six games for your Christmas night. Make it a night to remember! Make sure to make everything ready in advance so that you will enjoy your Christmas night with your family and friends and that you don’t need to prepare and work during that special night.