6 of the Best Broadway Plays Ever Made

If you have never been to Broadway plays in your area, you have no idea what you are missing. Some may think that these events are not for them and are overrated. Others may prefer …


If you have never been to Broadway plays in your area, you have no idea what you are missing. Some may think that these events are not for them and are overrated.

Others may prefer to watch movies on the big screen instead of enjoying the music and storylines from the best plays.

Before you ask yourself, what is so special about Broadway musicals, here is all the info you must know to inspire your next date night.

Why Watch Broadway Plays?

A theater event or a Broadway musical needs to be genuinely appreciated and experienced. Most people who see a play for the first time always end up going back for more.

All it takes is one incredible show that will blow your mind to the point of no return. When you experience the thrill of sitting in a live theater and watching a performance, you will learn to appreciate it a lot.

One of the most popular reasons young people have been getting into musicals is because some of the latest shows are based on important historical events.

Unlike the typical way of learning history, you can expect to be immersed in a night that will be the most engaging and fun. When the show ends, you will feel that you have learned a lot about the past.

Broadway plays are excellent at tackling political and social issues lightheartedly. After all, who did not love singing “You’ll Be Back” along with King George III in Hamilton?

Broadway plays have a unique way of engrossing you in the story thanks to their songs, dialogue, sets, music, costumes, lighting, cast, and choreography.

Nothing else will if these do not grab your attention and keep you on your seat’s edge.

When you see a play, it is like taking a magical journey into another dimension. When the show closes, you will wonder why everything ended so quickly and how you can watch it all over again.

1. Hamilton

If you love great music, you will want to watch Hamilton. Unlike other musicals, it can be consumed as a sensational rap album.

However, the story is excellent and expressed through hip-hop-style songs delivered by the most outrageously talented cast ever.

This musical describes the birth of America through the eyes of the founding fathers. Especially Alexander Hamilton. The founding fathers are also played by young and handsome people of color.

This is a refreshing break compared to most historical musicals. While the first act will have you dancing in your seat and ready to burst, the second act will have you reaching for the tissues for a good cry.

Hamilton became extremely popular thanks to its intelligent song lyrics, incredible storyline, and acting. Click for more theatre events and book your tickets to see Hamilton today.

2. The Phantom of the Opera

This is one of the best Broadway shows ever made. It is also one of the longest-running shows of all time. This musical is all about mixing spectacle, Gothic melodrama, and a lot of romance together.

It follows “the Phantom,” who hides from the world in an opera house while being obsessed with a singer called Christine. Even though the plot seems simple, you will be on the edge of your seat admiring the visuals and music, unlike any other show.

3. Les Misérables

Les Misérables is one of our favorite Broadway shows because the music is phenomenal and not cheesy. Unlike other musicals that people enjoy for simplicity, dancing, singing, and pure spectacle, Les Miz is about excellent character development and a sensational plot.

You can expect to see unforgettable characters like the protagonist seeking redemption for past sins and other strong supporting and lead characters. The show has numerous powerful moments, so you can expect to shed a tear or a hundred.

4. West Side Story

West Side Story goes so far back that it is known as a classic musical. It is one of a handful of landmark Broadway shows that fundamentally changed the form of musicals.

West Side Story’s most significant influence is theatricality and the seamless cinematic staging flow. Nearly every song from the show will always get stuck in your head.

Then you will be humming and singing them for days. West Side Story is also popular with students in universities and high schools and has been translated into numerous languages to make it a classic Broadway show indeed.

5. The Book of Mormon

Would you expect to hear genital jokes in a Broadway musical? Neither did we. But the delivery of every joke and all the punchlines will make you laugh until it hurts.

This musical stretches genre boundaries while balancing the most intelligent commentary. It also does not help that you will come across the catchiest tunes.

The Book of Mormon is a coming-of-age story about two people who are very likable Mormons on a mission to spread the good Lord’s word. It has won nine Tony awards and numerous enthusiastic reviews globally, which is why this musical gets our stamp of approval.

If you are looking for a bestseller that sprays offensiveness all over the audience through visceral imagery and delightful expletives, you must book your tickets to see The Book of Mormon immediately.

6. Wicked

Wicked is a fan favorite because it effortlessly brings a lot of spectacle and humor to an age-old tale. It has a rich visual setting and eye-popping costumes that you will keep glaring at throughout the entire show because they look stunning.

Wicked has a lot of heart and humor. So, it spreads a message of acceptance. It is based on a novel by Gregory Maguire and tells the story of Elphaba, the daughter of the governor of Munchkinland.

She is born with an unexpected green eye and gets ostracized by her father. This musical explores the depths of love and friendship that can survive anything.

Enjoy the Best Plays Today

Now that you know the six best Broadway plays in your lifetime, it is time to book your tickets for the most exciting night out. Remember that live theater and Broadway plays have a knack for immersing people in the story immediately.

This is their secret power. So, you can expect to become engrossed in all these plays, and you will be raving about the choreography, songs, costumes, and so much more for years to come. If you enjoyed reading this popular play guide, check out some of our other posts.

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