6 Signs That Your Relationship Is Coming to an End

Did you start to wonder if you and your partner are going to last? Did you begin to look for online divorce services? It is always hard to end a long-term relationship. At last, you …


Did you start to wonder if you and your partner are going to last? Did you begin to look for online divorce services? It is always hard to end a long-term relationship. At last, you have put much time, effort, and love into it. However, as we all know, being with each other till death do us part isn’t always the case.

Every relationship is different, and only you can tell if you are happy together. Nevertheless, some universal indicators can tell you that your relationship is coming to an end. Read on and find out what they are.

You Start Being Secretive About Your Relationship

If you constantly hide your relationship status and try to keep it for yourself, you may feel that something is wrong. You may feel there is no way out of the relationship, so you just want to hide it from others. If the situation is the opposite, and you think there is a chance for your relationship, you should not be afraid to show off your partner or discuss your relationship with other people.

You Lack Intimacy

Sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship. When you feel comfortable around your partner, this usually leads to more passionate and frequent lovemaking. However, if you have noticed that you or your partner have been looking for excuses to avoid having sex with each other, there is something wrong.

Losing passion may be a result of several factors, so you may want to find the answers to the following questions (and better do it with your partner):

  • Maybe you do not feel comfortable with each other anymore?
  • Perhaps there are too many issues?
  • Maybe you do not have enough time together?

In any case, this low level of intimacy may result from a fading excitement and passion that you experienced at the beginning of your relationship.

You Don’t Enjoy Spending Time Together Anymore

At one point in time, you used to spend all of your free time together. Now, this is history. The two of you have started spending more time doing different things separately. Actually, this is entirely normal for a long-term relationship because as time (and passion) passes, our working duties and personal growth need more of your time.

It is the lack of interest in spending quality time together that may bother you. It may seem as if your relationship has entered a routine, and nothing is exciting about being together and getting to know each other anymore. You just tolerate each other, nothing more or less. This is not a reason to break up, but it may indicate that you are not satisfied with your relationship and need to talk through this.

You Don’t Understand Each Other’s Needs

Partners that care about each other, a couple who share the same interests and hobbies, can understand each other very well. But when your interests are very different, it becomes more challenging to understand each other. You may get the feeling that your partner just does not have enough interest in what you like and do. You may feel like they don’t care about what you feel at all, which makes you unhappy.

You Don’t Have Anything in Common Anymore

If you started dating because you had something in common and now it is gone without any replacement, your relationship becomes challenging. Both of you must have some shared interests and opinions in order to maintain and develop your relationship. If you lack that something, it affects your time together, bringing the overall feeling of dissatisfaction between you and your partner. Thus, it is high time to start looking for new things in common or separate your ways for good.

You Don’t Trust Each Other Anymore

For a healthy relationship to exist, there should be trust between partners. When confidence and trust disappear between partners, it becomes harder for them to communicate openly since they believe that their words will be taken the wrong way or twisted against them. They start keeping secrets from each other, making things even worse between them.

If this is the case in your relationship, then there must be something wrong with it. Try to talk things out with your partner so that you can try and restore trust between the two of you.

Final Note

Relationships are always changing. It is normal for you and your partner to go through good and bad phases. However, if you have noticed some of these signs in your relationship, there may be reasons why you started feeling this way.

You may not communicate well with each other or have too many issues untold and, therefore – unsolved. However, if you just ignore the feelings and things stay the same, it may just get even more uncomfortable for both of you.

It is a good idea to talk to your partner about it. It will allow both of you to clarify your points and understand whether you want to continue with the relationship or end it.

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