6 Spring Must-Haves for Women

Spring is in the air, and that brings many things – blooming flowers, warmer temperatures, and spring cleaning! Springtime also means we need to revamp and update our wardrobe. Depending on where you live, you …


Spring is in the air, and that brings many things – blooming flowers, warmer temperatures, and spring cleaning! Springtime also means we need to revamp and update our wardrobe. Depending on where you live, you may still have some cooler days and nights, so you can’t put all your fall and winter clothes into storage just yet. But, it would be best if you were making sure you’ve got all your spring wardrobe essentials on hand for those beautiful, idyllic days. If you’re looking for a bit of a closet refresher and aren’t sure where to start, take a look at the following must-haves for women this spring.

An Oversized Hat

When spring and summer roll around, you are undoubtedly spending much more time outdoors than you had been during the cooler months. While we all know at this point the importance of wearing SPF year-round on our faces to protect our delicate facial skin, in springtime, you need to kick it up a notch. The skin on our faces is more susceptible to sun damage, leading to issues like melasma and freckles and causing premature aging and fine lines. Protect your facial skin with an oversized hat whether you’re outside playing croquet, gardening, or by the beach.

Fancy Footwear

With all the beautiful dresses and shorter inseams you’re wearing in warmer weather, you need to make sure your feet are looking extra cute as they’ll be getting more attention than they do during the winter. Ditch your UGGs and find some sandals for women that flatter your foot shape. Comfort is key when shopping for footwear that you’ll wear on vacations where you’ll be walking and exploring. You should also invest in a go-to pair of heels for your nights out in the warmer weather. Metallics, blush pinks, and nudes all look great with spring-colored dresses and skirts.

Supersized Sunnies

In the same way, if you want the perfect oversized hat to protect your facial skin this spring and summer, you’ll also want to invest in a pair of oversized sunglasses too. Protecting the delicate skin around your eyes will prevent those dreaded wrinkles known as “crow’s feet.” Save the money you’ll need for Botox on those wrinkles by investing in a pair of designer sunglasses that go with your entire wardrobe and will last you for years.

A Denim Jacket

Spring has mainly warm days, but it still has some pretty cool ones. Especially if you live up North or in the Mid-Atlantic, you may even see a slight snowstorm in April! You want to make sure you have a denim jacket that pairs perfectly with maxi dresses, linen shorts, and anything else you’d wear during a warm day that suddenly turns cool. Denim jackets have been a wardrobe for both men and women for decades for a reason – they look great with everything and can be worn year-round. Right now, it’s in trend to have denim jackets with tassels, fringe, and even sequins or pearls. Go with a style that works best with your aesthetic, and feel free to add as many patches as you want!

A Beaded Bag

Right now, beaded bags are having a major moment! Crossbody bags and clutches intricately beaded with tiny beads to make a large graphic or statement on the bag are in vogue. Clutches with large and differently sized monochrome beads are in trend too. All-over pearl bags are also a great way to play up the “seaside” vibe while still looking elevated. While they can be found at a variety of price points, there’s no telling how long this trend will be around, so shop this must-have in a way that fits your budget.

Kick Crop Jeans

If you’re not familiar with a kick crop style, it’s a pair of pants with a bit of a baby boot cut at the bottom, and the inseam is shorter than a standard pair of pants. While kick crops had a brief moment five years ago, this year, they’re picking up much more significant traction in denim and printed varieties. If you don’t feel like wearing shorts or they wouldn’t be appropriate for an event you’re attending, kick crop is the way to go.

Making sure you’re on-trend isn’t a priority for everyone, but for many, it is. While you don’t want to break the bank buying every spring fashion item you see, it’s a great idea to utilize this list to prioritize things you need to stay comfortable and look chic. Happy Spring and happy shopping!

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