6 Style Icons and The Lessons You Can Learn From Them

Style is subjective and everyone has his own sense of style. Nonetheless, we have someone that we follow as a style icon. They are the movers and shakers of the fashion world who change the …


Style is subjective and everyone has his own sense of style. Nonetheless, we have someone that we follow as a style icon. They are the movers and shakers of the fashion world who change the rules of style in every era.

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From David Beckham and Ryan Gosling to Rami Malek and Rihanna, here are some of the celebrities who offer some valuable style lessons that you can adopt to up your game:

1. David Beckham

The king of style, David Beckham has a very refined sense of dressing that is defined by tailored suiting and fitted dresses. He has evolved as a fashion celebrity from being funky and trendy to poised and classy. Today, he is the “Mr. Perfect” of the fashion world who does everything right with his style.

David Beckham teaches us that the fact that style is about individualism. It is not about following the crowd but about standing out from the crowd. Whether it is his tailored suits or fancy t-shirts with custom patches, he has proved time and again that individualism always rules in your style profile.

2. Ryan Gosling

The style case of Ryan Gosling is not just about stubble and velvet suits. His personality is much richer than these two major aspects of his style profile. He can wear the most offbeat clothing and make it the headlines the next day. So what makes him the Mr. Charming of so many people.

The first lesson you can learn from Ryan Gosling is the significance of a great body. Your body image can have effects on your self-esteem. Having a petite body like the Ryan is an asset that helps you rock any look with absolute confidence. 

Secondly, he is known for trying out the different colors when it comes to suiting. The grey, black and navy are not the only shades he can flaunt on the red carpet. We have seen him wearing the suits in burgundy and green and he looked absolutely hot!

Lastly, the guy teaches us the art of wearing the right haircut. He has adopted the side part, long textured cut, crew cut and buzz cut and he stole the show with each of them.

3. Miranda Kerr

She is a married woman and a mother of two and still she gives her younger contemporaries a run for their money. At 35, Miranda Kerr is at the prime of her style profile. She is chic. She is elegant. And she is beautiful with a killer smile. The synergy of all these things are what make her one of the most stylish celebrities we have today.

The best lesson we can learn from this style diva is that you should be able to carry the most casual outfit with poise. We have seen her wearing a pencil skirt with custom embroidered patches and turning heads of the paparazzi. She has donned a sarong and it became the hottest thing.

Miranda Kerr embodies the idea of simplicity and panache. With her minimal makeup and simple dressing, she teaches us that nothing can beat the power of simplicity. And we all know how true she is!

4. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has popularized the red lipstick which she often flaunts in her million-dollar pout. The style sense of Taylor Swift has proved that vintage clothing never fades away. She has breathed life to the retro fashion of the 1950s and she still manages to look like the diva of the modern era.

The lesson this girl teaches the style nerds is to be versatile with your choice of clothing. She teaches us to be girly, tomboyish and the glam woman. We have seen her in all these avatars and she pulled off each of them with the just right way. 

The other thing that we get inspired from this pop star is to accessorize your dressing. Whether it is wearing the hats, layering yourself with coats or carrying the handbags, she has outclassed every other diva when it comes to accessorizing.

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5. Rami Malek

Rami Malek is the new style icon from the tinsel town. Apart from being a fantastic actor for which he got an Oscars this year, he is also one of the most stylish dudes with many facets. On the red carpet, we often see him in the perfectly fit tuxedo. He makes the girls skip a heartbeat every time he comes on the dice wearing the suit. Well, we can’t blame him for the effect as he has the looks and body to kill any woman.

As for the lessons that he offers to the fashion lovers, we can say that he is just real and authentic. He can wear bold colors and can still make an understated style statement. No flamboyant dressing. No elaborate accessories and no major attitude. In a nutshell, he teaches us to be yourself without looking cocky.

6. Rihanna

The ultimate style diva of modern times, the style sense of Rihanna is so rich that it requires a separate article to encapsulate everything that defines her epic fashion profile. Ever since Rihanna debuted on the music scene, she has experimented with her looks. 

From her grunge style and glammed up look to her recent love with the athleisure, Rihanna has evolved as a fashion queen who can rock any look effortlessly.

The variation is the only constant thing in the style history of this doyennes and this is the lesson that she teaches to the patrons of her style. So be experimental and keep trying out different style ideas with the course of time.

And that’s all for now. Keep coming back to learn more about the secrets of fashion and style.

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