Transporting your belongings from A to B, whether that is your luggage for a holiday or during a house move, can be a bit of a pain! Especially if you’re dealing with weight restrictions and a limit on the number of bags you can take.

This can make packing and transporting your belongings very stressful and in many cases very costly. Which, if you’re on a budget, is not ideal.

The good news is that luggage shipping companies and couriers are on hand to offer an affordable solution. They can help to ship your belongings for you. They collect and then deliver these on your chosen dates.

Which means they do all the hard work. All you have to do is get yourself to the chosen location and wait for your bags to arrive at the agreed upon time and date.

But if you’ve never used a luggage shipping service before, you might not be all that familiar with the process. You might also be wondering if you even need to use these services and when it’s the best time to do so.

To help you decide on the best way to move your belongings, we’ve put together this guide. Below, we’ll take a look at six times that shipping your luggage ahead is the best plan for you.

1. When you’ve got large items to take away with you

If you’re going on holiday, no matter how long for and you have large items to take with you, this can be a real issue. And this is true for most forms of travel, whether you’re going by car, bus, train or plane.

But you might be thinking, hang on, what large items could you possibly be taking away with you?

Well, there are a number of larger items that people might be taking abroad or on holiday with them which they’re unable to easily carry. Some examples include:

  • Skis or snowboards
  • Surfboards
  • Musical instruments
  • Baby/infant equipment such as high chairs, pushchairs and car seats
  • Bikes

As you can imagine, none of these are going to be particularly easy to travel with, especially when using public transport. As such, if you’ve got larger items like this it’s usually best to ship these ahead of time.

2. When you want a relaxing holiday

Even if you’re not taking anything particularly big away with you and you don’t have 10 bags, sometimes you just don’t want to be dealing with the stress of carrying bags or wheeling suitcases about. After all, you go on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself, right?

So if you want to avoid the usual airport stress and instead move yourself quickly to the bar for your first drink of the holiday, then sending your luggage ahead to your accommodation could be the key.

3. When you’re in a rush

Got somewhere to be and don’t have much time to waste standing in airport queues or waiting around at the other side? Well now there’s no need to! No matter what your reason for travelling or being in a rush for that matter, luggage can really slow you down.

As such, using a shipping service means you can get on with business when you arrive at your destination. Then, you can receive your luggage at your chosen location, time and date. So you can make transporting your belongings work for you and not the other way around.

4. When you’re transporting expensive or heavy goods

Whenever you trust your baggage on public transport or rely on handlers to shift this for you, there are certain risks you take. For example, how many people have had their luggage go missing during a flight? The answer is far too many!

As such, if you’re transporting expensive and precious goods, you don’t want to run the risk of anything happening to them. Professional shipping services reduce this risk exponentially.

The same goes for if you’re transporting heavy goods. Even if these are only small, they can push your luggage weight past the airline limitations which could mean you end up facing extra charges. And you’d be surprised how quickly these can add up.

So again, using a shipping service can be a great way to get around extortionate airline rates for flying with heavy items. They also make it easier for you as you don’t have to lug these around with you all day.

5. When you’re moving house or moving abroad

Whether you’re moving abroad or quite some distance from your existing home, doing trips backwards and forwards with your belongings just isn’t an option. And there’s only so much you can fit in a car or your suitcase on the plane anyway.

In these cases, shipping services can be a true lifesaver. They allow you to pack up all your belongings, have these collected and then get yourself to your new home in time for your items to be delivered. This can make the moving process much less stressful and gives you the time to get excited about moving to your new house instead.

6. When you’re moving too or from university

On a similar note, when you’re at university you might find yourself moving about quite a lot. Halls in the first year, a new house in the second year, perhaps even a new one in the third. What’s more, in between terms you might be moving back home or stopping in temporary accommodation.

This means a lot of moving about with your belongings and it can be stressful. Rather than pay monthly for storage, you can use a shipping service to help you move. This might be moving from one house to another or it might be moving your stuff back home during the summer holidays until you’re ready to get into your new student housing.

Either way, using a professional service can cut the stress and leave you with plenty of extra time to focus on your coursework and your social life.