Moving into a new house can be incredibly stressful. It’s possible you’re feeling overwhelmed before you even get started! You’re not alone in feeling this way.

Many Americans rate moving as one of the topmost stressful things they’ve experienced.

If you’re moving house, you might think that stress is an inevitable part of the process. But it doesn’t have to be.

It’s estimated that the average American will move more than 11 times in their lifetime! Whether this is your first move, or if you’ve moved many times before, you can probably benefit from a little advice.

Check out our easy tips for moving on and moving out, without the stress.

1. Make a List

A moving house checklist is your best friend when it comes to getting out the door and into your new place as efficiently as possible. Create a list of everything you need to accomplish. Keep it somewhere handy and where you won’t lose it.

Consider making a section for expenses. After all, the cost of moving house can certainly give you a headache!

2. Get Organized

Getting organized starts with creating a timeline for success. After you have a timeline, work backward to determine when things need to get done.

Start to organize items in your house. When moving day comes, you can quickly and easily get on the road.

3. Choose a Professional Moving Company

One of the most important tips for creating a stress-free moving day is choosing a professional moving company. You’ll want to look for someone with experience, a high online rating, and top-notch customer service.

Look for local movers in your area to help ease the process. House moving companies can make the moving experience simple and straightforward.

4. Get Rid Of Anything You Can’t Move

Consider what you can dispose of before you move. Donating is also a good choice. Just make sure those boxes are labeled and donated well before moving day, to avoid any confusion.

5. Ask for Help

Now is the time to call in favors from family and friends! It’s ok to ask for help!

Host a pizza and packing night. Invite your family over to go through the items you’re going to get rid of. Put some music on while you sort items and start dancing!

6. Take a Break

The moving process can take a long time. Be sure to take a rest once in a while. You deserve it.

Resting along the way will make sure you have the stamina to make it to the moving finish line!

Don’t Stress About Moving House, Celebrate Your New Beginnings!

While moving house can certainly take a toll on your mental health, it doesn’t have to. With these tips to guide you through the process, you’ll be ready to meet whatever challenges the moving process brings. This is the start of a great new chapter in your life!

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