They say that you should never mix business with pleasure. They’re absolutely wrong. If your business is not providing you with pleasure, something is definitely off. Anything that doesn’t contribute to your well-being is taking away from it. Whatever you do that doesn’t make a positive contribution is taking time away from things that could. This is not to say that you should give up your business because it is not contributing to your wellbeing. It is to say that you should modify the way you do your business so that it does become a positive contributor. Here’s how:

1. Streamline Your Business

Your business could be cluttered with things you don’t need for achieving the same or even more success than you already have. That clutter is costing you unnecessary time and headache. You don’t have to end your restaurant business. You just need to find another way to run it in places that are highly competitive.

A ghost kitchen in Austin, San Diego, or New York City can save you millions in overhead while providing you just what you need to thrive in a delivery-only type of business. Many restaurants are already delivery-only in all but name. They are losing money with front-of-house services that are no longer profitable. Instead of running yourself ragged, try streamlining for a more tranquil business operation.

2. Incorporate Healthy Routines

What is the first thing you do to start work every morning? Doom-scrolling email and social media is a great way to start your day on the wrong foot. Instead, try incorporating habits that improve wellbeing throughout your day, especially at the start of your day. Try starting your day with peaceful meditation. Once your mind is infused with wellbeing, you will be better equipped to deal with the challenges the day has in store.

3. Start with a Long Walk

Walking is one of the healthiest activities in which you can engage. If you want to do it athletically, the only equipment you need is a good pair of walking shoes. Starting your business day with a good walk gives you a chance to connect with nature, your community, and your physical health. You don’t have to walk so vigorously that you break a sweat. All you need to do is raise your heart rate to healthy levels. Not only will you be ready for business, you will also have ticked that all-important box of maintaining fitness.

4. Take Breaks

Even the boss needs a break. You are actually setting a terrible example by not taking proper breaks. You need to send the message to your workers that there is more to life than work. You also need to protect yourself from burnout because you are spending 12 hours a day in a work marathon. That is not healthy and ultimately not productive. It tends to create the opposite of wellbeing. Those breaks do not have to be on a particular schedule. Take several wellbeing breaks throughout the day and watch your productivity soar.

5. Give Back

You don’t have to relieve yourself of all your earnings to accomplish something philanthropic. You only need to find a way to tangibly give back to the community. You could provide meals for the elderly in a particular senior facility once a month. You could sponsor a youth sports team. It doesn’t have to adversely affect your bottom line to be meaningful. Find a way to do something good merely for goodness sake and you will reap the benefits in ways that don’t show up on a spreadsheet.

6. Leave Work at the Office

One of the healthiest work habits you can form is the habit of leaving work at the office. When you bring work home with you, then you haven’t really ended your work day at all. You are just continuing it in another location. Rather than make you a more productive worker, it tends to alienate your family. No one becomes a healthy worker when there is a direct conflict between work and important relationships. Take it from, well… everybody: Relationships are more important by far.

Whether you are streamlining your business with the use of ghost kitchens, starting your day with meditation, or giving back to the community, business will always be good when you make wellbeing an integral part of it.